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Journal 4:

In this internship I have learned quite a few things regarding marketing and social media. As a social media marketer I’ve learned the insights on how to properly engage on Instagram for a company’s account.  Instagram is a pretty big deal in the social media world and getting likes and followers is crucial to getting more people to know who you are and what you are about. I learned that the proper way to engage in Instagram is to look at a variety of account pages that are related to what your company does and like and comment on several of their post. For example, since my company is a dinning club we are responsible for looking at upcoming food bloggers or foodie pages that are present on Instagram. The key to engaging is to do most of your liking/commenting closer towards late afternoon when most people are either out of work or at home relaxing. This is important because most people are on their phones during the late afternoon hours scrolling through social media and when they see your like or comment they are more willing to check out your page since they will see the notification immediately.

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