My name is Tracy Truong and this is my second year in this major. I choose this major Communication Design because ever since I was little my favorite thing to do was to draw. Weather I was at school or at home I would draw. I guess its because of my love for games and animation that I love to draw. Just like most people I grew up watching anime or cartoons such as, Pokémon, Digimon, Bleach, Naruto, American Dragon Jake Long, W.I.T.CH etc. When I look at a cartoons or anime I always look to see how the graphics looks and the illustartions of the characters. I usually draw using pencils and have recently gotten intrested in using the Adobe Illustrator to make vector graphics such as pokemon. I also like to drawing using charcoal and pastel, its messy but I think its interesting and fun to mix and play with the colors and charcoal smudges to make something. Like they say you feel more motivated doing something you love. I hope that through different experiences that I could be able to make something up on my own one day.