I used a picture of a flower I took for this quote because I wanted to show everyone it is not just us human but all living things on earth. Just like us It only lives once and can get sick and die too. As long as it is living or breathing in this world it should also have the privilege to live as it please.

For the second one I used illustrator to draw a girl skating and having fun and enjoying one of the pleasures of life by experiencing new fun and exciting things.

The last one I used is one of my works I made using Adobe Illustrator¬† called “The Pichu Brothers”. Pichu is a electric mouse pokemon and is the pre evolved form of pikachu, the mascot of an anime/cartoon called Pokemon. This one is something I can relate to and I’m sure others would too. It is about having fun together with family because having a family to count on is one of the pleasure of life. The fights you have, the happy times, the sad.¬† The memories you share whether its family or friend, a good memory or not you should treasure the things you have. It is kind of like with school, you hate the people and the work you do there at first but when its time to go you miss it and feel nostalgic. Remember you only live once, so enjoy it so you would feel fulfilled and think ahh once was enough.


NOTE: To be completely honest here I made this in class when I started having competitions with my classmate. We would pick Pokemon a common interest of ours and use Adobe Illustrator to draw them out. It was a fun way to learn how to better use Adobe Illustrator and make school more fun. I was never the type to talk to others and initiate conversation with anyone. I would always avoid people but I found the time I had making these and competing with him enjoyable. It makes me think this is one of those moment in times you think “you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.¬† It’s fun to try new things, meet new people and experience doing something out of your comfort zone just once and you should try it too.