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Print Shop

                 A web press prints on continuous rolls of paper. Some web press print on both sides of the   paper at the same time. Most web presses use several connected units for printing different colors of ink. There are even some that can cut, collate, fold and punch all in line to finish and roll off the press, ready for distribution. The web presses are use wide rolls of paper for printing news newspapers, books, calendars and other printed products. There are web presses that use heat to set the ink, for printing at high speed on glossy stock. News paper presses can occupy several floors and certain multiple printing units and a variety of folding sections to handle the different sections of paper. A web press is more efficnt because it is used for very high volume printing such as magazines and newspapers. web presses are much faster than most sheet fed presses. Printing presses for flexographic printing, often used for packaging, are usually web presses. The Web Press prints then rolls around and prints the other side then at the end cut it 11 by 17. I heard that they keep a mat on the floor at the web station because standing to long while working could give you pig legs or so Im told.
              Prism Microcut has top of the line features such as; computer control unit with 15” color touch screen for automating backgauge movement is the most user-friendly system in the industry. Prism industrial paper cutters are all equipped with CIP 3 / 4 JDF capability and are all networkable with no additional hardware or software required. Cutting power is provided by a hydraulic clutch and time-tested worm gear design. Cushion contact clamping eliminates pile disturbance. High speed steel knives that offer extended durability. Knife bar to guided by using dual gibs, engineered for rigidity and cutting accuracy. Ball screw and dual liner guide guarantee precise backgauge positioning.
            Another thing we saw was a Ana Jet mP10i Generation 2 printer that has print heads Redesigned wiper blade armature now moves up and down rather than side to side for smoother, faster operation Ink Splash & Overspray Control Added covers for internal circuit boards Clear coated print head circuit boards Incorporated 2 fans into back panel to draw ink particles away from critical internal components Power supply casing redesigned to direct airflow externally Relocated encoder strip to minimize ink contamination New and Improved Design Relocated control panel from printer lid to ink bay for easier operation during maintenance New handle added for safer opening of printer lid Front panel finish that reduces visible finger prints and smudges Easy to clean coating on outer shell.