As part of her Advanced Strategies of Illustration class Professor Sara Woolley tries to host networking events with a variety of artists and people apart of the industry.  I’ve attended a few and this one was an interview secession with N. Steven Harris.

Steven is credited as a penciller, inker and artist for DC Comics. He has won many awards, such as winning the Glyph Award four times and the VLA (Virginia Library Association) Graphic Novel Diversity Award. He is also the co-creator of 2 time Glyph Award winning book for Best Female Character, Ajala:  A Series of Adventures.  His highlights include many DC Comics, such as Aztek: The Ultimate Man, a character which he co-created along with Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, Batman:  Officer Down,  Deadpool Annual ’98 (Marvel Entertainment) and more. During this interview session he talked about many different industry topics including things like royalties, networking and the types of jobs in the comic idustry. For networking he mentioned that conventions and internships are great for networking. With royalties he explained how they work and how certain jobs like storyboarding for production art doesn’t get any royalty fees. The type of jobs you can see in the comic industry is being a pencil artist/drawer, an inker, a letterer, an editor and a writer.