1. Your  first journal entry will discuss their experience at the internship related to the ethical guidelines discussed in the AIGA guide. Please  discuss how your internship site  handles sourcing of images and the company’s trademarks & logos. This entry should also  discuss if you had to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement at your internship site and any restrictions your site has placed with regard to your internship journal for this class.

For my internship I did not have to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement form. Since my internship just involved creating posters to promote clubs and activities for the school there wasn’t a need to source images. The posters aren’t being used for profit and was just meant to spread information to the students so any images used did not have to be cited. In terms of the projects that I worked on the need to include the company’s name and logo wasn’t necessary which is why only some of my design include it while others don’t.

2. In the second journal entry, you should write about whether or not the readings you’ve been assigned have changed your perspective on your own design work. a) Students are to reflect on whether, in the past, they have used another’s creative work and how have they given that artist credit? b) Students are to give their opinion of the arguments and outcome of the Fairey Copyright case.

Thinking back on my experience I don’t think I’ve used another’s creative work in a way that would be a problem. In my opinion the biggest issues with using someone else’s work is using it for profit without their permission and taking someone’s work and claiming for it to be yours. The only experience I’ve really had with design work has been for school and has mostly been with photographs. I’m not entirely sure what the correct conduct is for using things like images you find on the internet when making designs for school assignments.