About Me

My name is T’ahna Howard and this is my second year at City Tech. I went to the High School of Art and Design. While there my main focus of study was in Cartooning. Throughput my time in high school I didn’t really think that I wanted to go into art as a career choice so when I first came to City Tech I majored in Liberal Arts. After a year of being indecisive I decided to give Communication Design a try since drawing was the only thing I felt I was good at. Now this is my second semester in Communication Design and I am thinking about focusing on Illustration and going into storyboard work.

Some of the things that I enjoy are music, video games, and books. I also like watching anime and reading manga. I can honestly say that all of these things have been a huge influence for my art. I don’t have a set preference of music so I listen to all types of styles which I think helps me come up with different ideas for stories. I hope that going into this major can help me gain a confidence in my art that I’ve never had and help me develop it further.