Wi-Fi service in Subway stations: A Dream Come True?

"This subway station is now a Wi-Fi station"

Do you ever stand at the subway station, looking at your phone, bored, wanting desperately to make a phone call, or roam the internet, but can’t, due to no signal being available? Well, you might be in luck….just not anytime soon. Thomas F. Prendergast, the authority’s chairman, said that transit officials hope to add Wi-Fi, and possibly cell phone reception, aboard moving trains. The motivation behind the idea to expanded Wi-Fi and cell phone access, was actually in part, due to the demands of the growing population of young riders.

But don’t get excited just yet readers, as we don’t know how the project will be financed, or if the service will even be free.

Thankfully, there are already some subway stations that have started too offer free Wi-Fi and cell phone service. To bad these Wi-Fi ports are all in Manhattan, between 14th and 96th streets. And they only work at the actual stations, not on the trains.

Though there is no confirmed date, the MTA is hoping for this all to be done by 2017, where all 277 stations will be offered wireless coverage.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I for one can’t wait…granted of course, it’s free.

1 thought on “Wi-Fi service in Subway stations: A Dream Come True?

  1. Free wifi on trains and in subways will be such a great thing. I personally have opted to take d J train just so I can still have my network since the J train travels outside 90% of the way. And when I take the E, I find myself waiting anxiously for the van wyck station which has network.

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