Welcome One, Welcome All!


Photographer: Gennessy Palma

Greetings City Tech! Welcome back to the campus and as we all know It’s that time of year again where classes begin and a new chapter arises from our lives. I’m now a second year student and it feels great coming back to the campus; my first year was a success. At first I was a bit lost and confused as to where I had to go but thankfully with the help of friends and staff I gained more aspects of the school and the environment. With the aid of the SGA or Student Government Association, I was able to find my way around the school and even help in many events such as going to the CUNY Board of Trustees meetings in which we became the voice for many students in the decision of tuition hikes and how it impacts lower and upper class economists.

Within my first year I was also able to help with voter registration with Mayor De Blasio. It was amazing having to see the level of professionalism and superiority SGA had and how responsible they were. I remember attending a meeting in which Lubna and Maria allowed me to attend. They were creating so many plans for the school and finding ways to fix problems people had within the school; that’s what I loved about them, they reached out to so many people.This college is so friendly and the environment here is extremely welcoming; no matter what, there is always a helping hand. There are so many opportunities in the school that you can contribute your time and effort to while being with your peers. Remember you are the author of your own story so make the best of everything and make it count, reach for the skies towards your mighty path of success. I wish everyone a happy first week of classes!

P.S: If you ever need help with something you can always go to The Student Center or go to SGA located at G-400!

-Gennessy Palma



1 thought on “Welcome One, Welcome All!

  1. Gennessy,

    Thank you for sharing the fact that there are a plethora of opportunities within the school.
    I appreciate how vulnerable you are with your post because people rarely speak about their struggles. Congratulations on your accomplishments!

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