Visit Great Destinations While on a Budget

Each semester I venture out into the world to search for great destinations that I can frequent while on a college budget. Below you will find some of the destinations that I still frequent that don’t cost much, and satisfies my need to go out and enjoy the world. Some of these destinations are:

  1.      The Promenade

I was introduced to The Promenade before I started college. At that time, I would just go to The Promenade to sit on the benches and look out at the horizon. As time progressed, The Promenade expanded into what it is today. There is a bridge that lights up at night, which allows you to walk directly to the Dumbo area. Before reaching the Dumbo shopping area there are various stops on the way. There’s a full soccer field, basketball court, restaurant, pool, and a pop up beach in the summer. There are also areas where you can sit on the grass and simply relax. As you continue walking towards the Dumbo area you’ll stumble upon an amazing carousel, that is surrounded by a completely glass building. If for some reason you visit Dumbo and the carousel isn’t up and running, you can still see the beautifully sculpted carousel from the outside. If you continue walking there’s a beach like area where you can sit on rocks and look out into the East river. The view is absolutely amazing.

  1.     Betty Bakery

One day I was walking down Atlantic Avenue and I was stopped in my tracks by a beautiful window display. I just had to stop and admire the rare beauty of this little shop. As I entered the bakery, I was greeted warmly by the young lady at the cash register. Every pastry behind the counter looked absolutely delicious, and I was dealing with the horrible predicament of choosing one pastry. The young lady at the cash register was very patient with me until I made my choice. After a few minutes of contemplating, I choose a Lemon Tart with strawberries on top. I took my desert home with me so that I could enjoy it in the comfort of my own home. The pastry was amazing from start to finish, all the flavors blended perfectly together. I was completely satisfied and I felt that the tart was well worth price.

  1.   Ocean’s 8 at Brownstone Billiards

The first time I entered this pool hall I immediately felt cool, calm and collected. There’s a really mellow feel to the place, and the staff is really friendly and accommodating. Each group that comes in to play pool is charged by the hour. There’s also a student discount that all students are eligible for, as long as they have their college id card. Inside the pool hall, there are at least 20-30 pool tables that are equally spaced. In the back area of the pool hall, there are various arcade games like table hockey, ping pong, basketball, and a mini bowling alley. The menu has a variety of finger food, including boneless wings, french fries, and for veggie lovers there’s a few healthy options.  At times, I would go to the pool hall and watch the old timers play pool, with hopes of picking up on some of their talent. Throughout the past few years I would make random stops at the pool hall, to clear my mind and enjoy a relaxing game of pool.

  1.     Happy Days Diner

This little dinner is hidden between two larger buildings. During my first semester of college I used to walk right past this place, because I barely noticed it. One day a group of my friends stopped here for a late night snack. The staff was extremely friendly, and our orders were taken immediately. The food was delicious, and the menu ranged from classical breakfasts to fancy pastas. There was also a Belgian waffle on the menu that came topped with ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Everything on the menu is affordable, and it’s perfect for  a college student’s budget. The restaurant is always packed to the rim, but the service is so quick that there’s always an empty table awaiting the next customer. I’ve visited this restaurant on numerous occasions and every meal that I’ve had has been amazing. I’ve been a faithful customer for about 3 years, and I’d recommend this place to anyone who is interested in great food for a great price.

  1.    Brooklyn Crab

Brooklyn Crab is one of the most exciting restaurants I’ve ever been to. This restaurant is definitely for seafood lovers, because the menu has a variety of  shellfish. I personally always get crab legs, with the bread crumb and parsley covered mac and cheese. Just like the restaurant I mentioned before, the food is always extremely tasty. This restaurant not only has great food, but it has a pool table, and a complete mini golf course on the lower level.  I usually play a game of competitive mini golf so I can work up an appetite. After a victorious, or not so victorious game, I celebrate by having dinner, and sometimes one of their mouthwatering desserts. This is actually one of my favorite restaurants to go to in the summer because you can sit outside and look out at the horizon.

The establishments above may differ in price, but they all are great spots to frequent, especially during the summer time. As students we deserve to treat ourselves, so take a break and check these establishments out. I promise you they are worth your time.

Now that I have mentioned some affordable restaurants that are great for students to frequent, let me know if you have any suggestions in the comment box below. As college students we are all looking to get the best experiences for the best price possible. So help us all out and  let us know about the great restaurants or chill spots in the area.


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