Virtues from Motherhood: Why I write

Happy National Day on Writing everyone!

In case you didn’t know today, October 20th is a day devoted to writing and the importance, evolution and impact of it. The National Council of Teachers of English promote the event with the hashtag #WhyIWrite. So, in honor of this day I thought I’d share my reason for writing.

My reason for writing has always been driven by a love of words, of books, and of reading, but it wasn’t until I had my daughter that I really fell in love with writing again. I have always known the importance of words and the weight they carry but to me, they carry even more weight because I know someday my daughter may read the words I have written. Words are powerful and inspirational and they can change your life, but they can never be taken back once they’re out there. I write to share my experiences, I write to connect with people, I write to let people know that they’re not alone in their struggles and that they can  get through whatever it is they’re facing. I write because it helps me make sense of what’s going on in my head and it helps me feel at peace with whatever choices I’ve had to make. Ultimately, writing is a type of therapy, an out and something I am passionate about and hope to pass onto my daughter one day.

1 thought on “Virtues from Motherhood: Why I write

  1. I agree, words really do carry a lot of weight; they can easily be the most powerful substance known to the human civilization.

    I just think of college-bound Ava reading your old posts for guidance into the new world . It’s a very special and delicate type of legacy to have some type of memoir of life advice from the voice of your own mother while she’s in her collegiate era of her life. It creates a stronger mother/daughter bond, not only in the present but also through separations of time.

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