Time is not important

a card that says "Time is not important when you are pursuing a passion"

“I became a music and dance teacher because of a breakthrough when I was younger. Loved video games but unlike many of my peers and friends, I loved them mainly because of their music.

I played Final Fantasy since age 12 but at age 20 I learned about Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu and how much of the music I had lifted for ages was composed by him. I set out on a mission to somehow meet him and ask him some very important questions. My dream came true in 2012, I saw him live and got a chance to sit and chat with him.

That moment I felt a rush inside and I became urgent about my future and I explained a little about my life and my aspirations. He noticed a sense of urgency with me and my goals and how I’ve treated time as a sort of enemy. Always felt too old for what I wanted to accomplish or like time is running out till he said those words that put it all into perspective for me. It hit me like a lightening strike. Since then I set out to manifest my dreams and today I’m more than content that I have been living my dream and will continue for as long as I can take breaths.”


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