Silence is killer.

Ever heard the phrase “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger“? Well that can go two ways. Ladies and gentlemen today I’d like to bring light to the topic of cyberbullying. Many people say that words can’t hurt someone, but that’s a lie, words hurt people and it can cause mental pain. We live in the era of technology where unfortunately this has become all too common but what people don’t realize is how words can be deadly. The term deadly, I use it because words cause suicide, I won’t sugar coat it, I will be blunt, words can drive people off the edge. Did you know In just high school alone, over 14 percent of students have considered suicide from cyberbullying and the percentage of students who’ve attempted it? 7 percent. These numbers may not seem all that much but when you consider the amount of students and the amount of schools, it’s pretty scary, yeah reality check guys. Today I chose to speak of something outside of my usual topics because this has a deep meaning  to me. This month is the month where we bring awareness to this dimmed down topic, a topic people just brush away, but this will not go unnoticed.

Created by: Gennessy Palma

I talk today to bring both concern, to this topic and comfort. To anyone who feels out of place, to anyone who is or has been bullied, stand up, stand tall know YOU are not alone! Take a stand and fight for yourself don’t allow anyone to make you feel less than anything in life, I come in peace and today; I want to remind everyone and anyone who is reading this, know you mean something, know you are of value, know that you are beautiful, handsome, a rare jewel. Don’t allow yourself to be brought down by people who know NOTHING about you. There is always help but it begins with you, reach out be strong don’t hold your tongue, and if you’re not being bullied, but you see it, don’t be a bystander! Cyberbullying comes in many forms and can even lead to physical issues, don’t let it reach that far, make a difference and defend someone when they can’t defend themselves. If you suspect that your friend, or family member has been bullied and is considering suicide, take a look at the warning signs. Together, we can conquer anything; and with that being said, I hope you leave with this in consideration, always be careful with what you say, your words can be responsible for a life.

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