The Art of Inexpensive Fine Dining

Image by: Simon Pielow

Image by: Simon Pielow

In the hustle and bustle of our tedious schedules with school, work, or personal responsibilities, we sometimes forget to treat ourselves to a splurge every now and then. We probably have all dreamt of having the chance to eat at a fine dining restaurant especially as New Yorkers as New York is prospering in terms of the culinary scene. But with holidays such as Valentine’s Day approaching, it puts an impending pressure to impress by way of expensive outings or gifts. But as Restaurant Week has now come to an end and is over before the Valentine’s festivities. Restaurant Week began January 18 and concluded on February 5, 2016. This week is devoted to reducing the normal pricing of fine dining restaurant for about three weeks to purchase a prix-fixe menu which varies in prices. Lunch costs only twenty-five dollars while dinners costs thirty-eight dollars, reservations are highly recommended as many restaurants will receive a high demand of customers. The best days to reserve is between Monday thru Wednesday as there is lower demand and will have more available reservations rather than Thursday and into the weekend.

A prix-fixe menu, literally means a fixed priced menu, which is a three-course meal that consists of an appetizer, entrée, and dessert as beverages, tip or tax are not included in that price. These menus have fewer options but are more cost efficient in the end. So even if you miss restaurant week, you can still choose this option to save on restaurant all year long but there will be another restaurant week in the summer. Although, the dates have not been released yet, it will most likely be in mid-July to the beginning of August.

The Chicken Kiev at Gotham Bar & Grill (Image by: Brianna Vasquez)

The Chicken Kiev at Gotham Bar & Grill
(Image by: Brianna Vasquez)

I understand that with the financial struggles of college or other financial burdens, it can be difficult to find not only the time but money to contribute to splurging on a culinary outing. Personally, I struggle with this notion as I never like to spend money only save it to eventually have plenty of savings. But recently, I was talking with my mom who explained to me that while savings are important to afford certain debts that need to be paid accordingly. It is also important to put some savings just for yourself to splurge on whether it be a CD you’ve been obsessed with or a candy bar you’ve been craving. You have to splurge on yourself every now and then because after all the hard work you endured, you deserve it. I am still trying to abide by this concept although it is hard, I find that I am more motivated and dedicated to completing certain tasks as I set personal goals for myself to achieve in order to be rewarded by way of something as simple as watching a movie on opening day.

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  1. Great post! I understand very well that once a while you need to reward yourself and the way I reward myself after a challenge or an accomplishment is taking myself or someone I love to a coffee, lunch, or dinner. Dining in NYC can be quite expensive, but sometimes you just need to look carefully for the ones that can get you the best bang for your buck and a good deal.

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