Textbooks, Study Guides, Coffee…

a cartoon person reading an upside-down book that says "HOW TO BE A PERFECT STUDENT"The semester is definitely underway. I know that this is so when my textbooks are more often off the shelves than on, I never leave home without some sort of study guide, and if I only have $2, chances are I’ll just buy the coffee. Notebooks, index cards, pens, and eReader are what fill my bag, even on my days off, I keep sticky notes near my bed to write down those things that I remember as I’m falling asleep, and if I eat a meal that takes more than 15 minutes to cook, I must be a guest somewhere or at a restaurant.

When my budget cuts out things like makeup, dry cleaning, and clothes to be filled with textbooks, coffee, and another school bag (because I keep buying cheap ones that rip). When I use my small makeup bag as a pencil case, and that stationery becomes a notepad. When waiting on a stalled train is a vacation, and abus even more so (because I have internet access), I know the semester’s definitely underway.

What signs tell you that it’s no longer the start of the semester?

2 thoughts on “Textbooks, Study Guides, Coffee…

  1. In addition to some of the points you made, another tell factor for me is when my desk is half filled with print outs of power points and other hand out all marked in red and blue

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