Sizzle Sizzle

Photographer: Gennessy Palma

70’s last week, 80’s this week, the heat just keeps coming back; it seems like summer just doesn’t want to leave! Well with the heat still on, the activities continue. What kinds you ask??? Grills of course! Now we aren’t talking about the typical outdoors but instead, an indoor grill, my recommendation? Kyu-Gaku! A wonderfully exquisite restaurant, Japanese style BBQ cuisines are served here. This restaurant has many locations so if you can’t make it to the city, no worries! They have other locations!

The restaurant is a classic, and can also be rented for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, even business meetings. They serve many combos, duck, fish, cow, pork, chicken, you name it! To me the fun part is that we don’t watch them grill it; the chefs season and prepare the food but, guess what?? You cook it!!!!!!!! Now you can tell your parents how great of a cook you are; that’s what I did, gotta prove them wrong somehow, am I right??? Going back to the chefs, well the staff to be exact, are very welcoming and understanding, they greet every guest as they enter and graciously thank the guests when they leave using the  Japanese language, when I went to the restaurant with my significant other, we also thanked them in Japanese, “ arigatou gozaimasu minna! “ meaning thank you very much everyone! In this restaurant the staff takes health seriously, if you’re allergic to something let them know! They’ll prepare separately! The restaurant is very respectable, no professional attire required though, like I said before, this restaurant fits all occasions.

Photographer: Gennessy Palma

My Critique

The food overall was a 4.5 star rating from a scale of 1-5. And the price range? I’d say is $$$ from a scale of $-$$$$$, so in other words not that bad! Every bite is worth the money spent, not to mention the ambiance. The environment in that restaurant is lively yet tranquil, with dim lights and the warm touch because of the indoor grill, it’s like a spa day without all the excess stuff, I recommend everyone and anyone to come to this restaurant and give it a try! You won’t regret it!

  • Gennessy Palma


3 thoughts on “Sizzle Sizzle

  1. Genny,

    Would you believe it if I said I tried this restaurant before.
    The highlights for me were experiencing a new way of grilling food and then eating the meal I “prepared”. I had the shrimp, fried rice, soup/salad and the meal was so good. I would go back if I was ever in the area.
    Did you have smores for dessert?

  2. Yum-Yum! This post just made me so hungry. I think there is something very special and triumphant when you can say that you have cooked your own meal. But with an atmosphere like that, makes even better!

    Cherishe, I can’t believe they also serve dessert. This place is definitely going on my “must try” list.

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