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April is almost like an early holiday season for me and my family. It is a month of birthdays galore! I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to acknowledge a handful of my family members who have birthdays this month and wish them many many more blessed, happy and fulfilling years of life!
Like Drake says “MORE LIFE”!

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First on the list! I talk about my mom so much you all probably thought she made me on her own. Well plot twist, she did not make me on her own, lol, I have a father whom I love and adore very much and His name is George.

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Photos of my Dad

I always joke and say it’s the guy in those pictures up there that bamboozled my mom into having all these kids lol. My father has got to be THE FUNNIEST man I know. He’s also super annoying. As soon as he walks in the house, the volume goes from 0 to 100 real quick.

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Sometimes I even run and hide in my room so I wouldn’t have to hear his rants lol; but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My father looks out for me like no one else. He may go on and on about how I “need to be more responsible” or how I’m “not a kid anymore” and he shouldn’t “have to do all these things” but he does it because I’m ALWAYS gonna be his “kid”. They say fathers always have a weak spot for their daughters but he shows the same love to my brothers as he does for me and my sister. He shows us love in his own “tough” way and is always giving us the best advice and using his own past experience and life lessons to help us avoid the same mistakes. Of course we don’t want to hear it at the time, but he is always on point. He’s smelled some of the “clowns” I’ve called boyfriends from miles away lol. So Mr. Francis, happy birthday! I love you and I hope you see many more years. Enough to walk me down the aisle, enough to meet and be a part of my future children’s lives, and enough to get on my nerves for however long you feel. But just remember, if you get on my nerves too much, it’s straight to the nursing home for you,lol.

P.S I’m not just saying all this to butter you up for a nicer car I swear.

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Next up, this one is a big one. The oh so Sweet 16. My second niece, Nia.

two photos

Photos of my Niece

I look at the person in the picture on the right and can’t believe she was once the picture on the left. Now she’s 16 and has her own independent personality, even rude of course. Her and my first niece, Anaya, are only a few months apart and I remember Nia being in the walker and my older niece would bite her fingers when no one was watching. Kids are so mean, lol! She would be crying randomly and we just couldn’t figure it out. We eventually realized what was going on but there was one day that Nia bit Anaya back. It was then that we knew that now the tables had turned and she was getting ready to be her own force. They still go head to head just the same and it’s a hot mess. She is one of the people that I want the best for and want to see succeed in this world full of a mixture of adversity and opportunity. Happy birthday to my niece Nia!

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Then there’s my favorite little person, My 3rd niece, Sanaa.

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Photos of my niece

This little girl has been here before I swear. She’s so smart and sassy, and literally a ball of love. We have new nicknames for each other every day and she can change your mood to a happy one in 2.5 seconds like it’s her superpower. She looks up to me and I take that to the highest degree. I want to show her that she can be whatever she wants, do whatever she wants, and that happiness should always be the motivation. Not only do I support her, but she supports me. She’s always offering to help, always asking how I am, what I’m up to; grown people can take a page or two from her book. She also just might be the funniest person in this family lol, love her.

Happy Birthday “Bunny”! The most spectacular thing about me writing this to her is that she is turning 7 next week and she reads my blogs on her own. Yes, that’s what I said. With the exception of a few harder big words, she reads these posts on her own!

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Lastly there’s Akeem, my friend of over 12 years, Sanaa’s godfather (the “frick” to her “frack”), and someone that I definitely love to hate lol.

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Photo of my niece and friend Akeem

I already told him that at my graduation he has to wear a t-shirt with my picture that says “Nefertiti is the smartest person I know”. He’s one of those people who pushes my buttons on purpose, so you know what, I do the same back. I also think he’s at the top of the list of competition for my niece’s love lol. It’s always something with him lol. He says he doesn’t eat meat, but begged my mother for some of her Chic-Fil-A the other day. I told him I don’t do hair anymore, he’s always asking me to braid his. Do you see where I’m going with this? Just ANNOYING lol. All jokes aside though, he is someone I can always count, and call on, and I will always appreciate that about him.
From being my friend, he’s become my family, and despite any ups and downs we will always be there for each other. Happy Birthday!

Some say life is short, I personally like to think life is long, and birthdays are anniversaries. Even if it’s not someone’s birthday, to be able to have another day with them is a blessing. Be sure to tell those you love that you love and appreciate them all the time. As people get older, one day you may not have the luxury of to telling them these things face to face.

Give your loved ones their flowers while they can still smell them. 🙂

P.S Happy Birthday also to my Aunt Michelle, my great niece Athena, my Aunt Jennifer, and my late Uncle Darrin. Love you all.

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