Love the way you live

a card that says "You love the way you live"

“You love the way you live.

I think, that our usual behavior can be traced in everything we do. Our everyday routine and willingness to do things can reflect how we approach specific assignments. The same is true when it comes to loving and caring about somebody: we tend to love as genuine as we do other things.

Of course, caring about a person we love can’t be completely compared with doing that end-of-a-week laundry, yet it has something important in common: passion to get something done or achieve a result. If we approach doing laundry without a drop of passion, we won’t ever be satisfied with a fact that our clothes is clean and fresh again. Love to another person within this scenario shares the same path: lack of satissfaction. We will never be completely satissfied unless we appreciate a presence of that very special person and go beyond possible to make them happy.

It is not a secret that everything has its up and downs moments, and sometimes we are fed up enough. We see escape as the only solution. But love isn’t here for those who give up easily. Love wants us to be persistant and work hard.

If we approach duties without a passion on a daily basis, we create a habit of carelessness. I think, it is hard to become a caring person all of a sudden if our routine behaviour is different.

A solution, of course, exists. We should approach everything with a great passion and enjoy a process. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes a part of us and can be traced in everything we do, including love and care.”

Name: R. Verhnyak
Age: 24
Major: Mechanical Engineering

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