I’m possible

a woman's hand holding a card that says "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE; THE WORD ITSELF SAYS 'I'M POSSIBLE''

“I heard this quote at my graduation ceremony when I received my Associate’s Degree. The road that led me to that moment and to finally achieving a college degree was not an easy one. I had big plans for myself when I graduated high school but they got derailed when I became a mother at 18. I was suddenly in charge of another life and so much responsibilities that I didn’t know which to take care of first. I had a college advisor tell me that coming to college was a waste of time, that I’d never graduate as a single mother. Those words stuck to me, even today sometimes. I felt overwhelmed, hopeless, like I’d never get my degree or meet the goals I set for myself but when I went back to school in 2013 I found a community of mentors and people who believed in my success and two years later I had my degree. Now I look forward to getting my Bachelor’s here at City Tech and further silencing those people who said I couldn’t do it. Anything is possible and nobody has the right to tell you that you can’t. You are possible.”


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