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“Robotic Mannequin: Roboquin (SInce a female robot you can also call it a RoboQueen!!)

It is an interactive robot mannequin initially intended to be used in fashion industry, but laterĀ decided on also being used in classrooms especially in a linear algebra course or a computer programming course. The interactive robotic mannequinĀ or Roboquin can be used as a greeter in a shopping mall, can be used to display clothing and jewelry and the customers willing toĀ buy don’t even have to hunt for the price tag or what sizes and colors are available as the Roboquin could be pre-programmed to be able to say all those details as soon asĀ it senses people aroundĀ it (with the help of motion sensors).Ā This will lead to anĀ enthusiasm among the customers and probably they would go to the stores thatĀ  has this mannequin initially just to have a lookĀ atĀ it, and perhaps end up buying a lot of stuff from there, which is obviously very much beneficial for the store owner and worth buyingĀ $200 Roboquin as opposed to the expensive $3000 available in the Japanese and Korean market.

Since it is made out ofĀ materials available off the shelf, it is pretty affordable to have them in several multidisciplinary courses. Once we are able to implement the image recognition feature intoĀ Roboquin,Ā it can be placed in the classes and perhaps whenĀ Roboquin senses students are not paying attention and dozing off in the back benches it might make some noise to wake them up and explain them how was this amazing Roboquin built and tell them if they pay enough attention to the class, they will be ableĀ  to build something of that sortĀ  soon. This will help students to have more interactive classes and infuse a lot of enthusiasm and they will see practical applications of the classes they are taking which might haveĀ seemed very abstract and vague to them.”

young woman with glasses and braided hair, standing in front of an academic posterRumana Hassin Syed

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