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“My story? Well where do I even begin?  I am a 19 year old girl who lives in Brooklyn New York. I was adopted at the age four and now I live with a family of 6 and  I couldn’t be more grateful to have them in my life. Everything I am and have is all because of them. They mean the world to me. Because of them I have opportunity to come to college and get my degree. As of small I have always been into singing. Whether it be just for fun or in a choir i would always find so much pleasure in it. As I  got older my love for music grew and it grew to a point where now i’m consumed by it all. I always have to be listening to music or just singing. I always have my headphones on me at all times because there is so much music out there in the world that deserves to be heard. I myself write my own songs. I loved writing a lot of poetry when I was smaller up until now and because of that it really helps me with my songwriting skills. I have performed many times throughout my life and every time I did it was so special and so amazing to be up there and I loved that feeling I get when I’m up there. I found that it helps me express myself and it helps me let people know that this is me and this is what i wanna do. I want to become a singer and hey… yeah…. it might sound silly or impossible but hey…. nothing is impossible if you are willing to go out and work hard for it. Never give up on a dream you have because you can do it. It may not come to you right away but I promise you that if you stay strong and you have some faith in yourself you better believe that your right in your hands waiting for you to let it out and be seen. As for my dream its a struggle at the moment because of my doubt in myself and some other things but…I’m not  going to quit because this is what I really want and nobody or anything is going to stop me.I will conquer the world to become who I know I can be step by step.”

a young woman in a beanie hat and pin-stripe pantsTonniqua Maldonado 

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