Happy Thanksgiving

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Today is Thanksgiving and with all that has occurred this year, both publically and in my personal life, I am not exactly in the holiday spirit. I am struggling to find something to be thankful for. The truth is, even the smallest of things make up the large majority of what there simply is to have thanks for. Life is honestly a roller coaster ride, it can be great at times or utterly terrible momentarily, but there is always something to be thankful for. The holidays have evolved so much over the years, now it’s more oriented on gifts or shopping deals rather than giving thanks, enjoying company, and being in the holiday spirit.

I have been working with The Buzz for over two years and I am extremely thankful for the time that I have graciously had working with this academic project. It is easily accessible for all students at the school, as well as the general public, as a forum to be a haven for all as they navigate through their individual college experiences. Next semester will be my last and it is a tad bittersweet, I have had the most amazing opportunity to write about my innermost passion which pertains to food, more specifically baking. I absolutely appreciate being able to share my love for a hobby that is truly overlooked. Honestly, anything that is of interest can be a passion.

In certain aspects, my hobby of baking saved me. It gave me an escape from the struggles in my world to be in tune to something that has never disappointed me, the way the life has at times. Baking is the only thing that can really comfort or relax me so completely. But the most valuable part of baking is being able to share your edible masterpieces with other people in order to put a smile on someone’s face by the simplicity of enjoying a baked good. My time with The Buzz has surely shaped me into a better writer. I have greatly improved in my writing skills and feel that I have become a writer in all its meaningful value. I hope to have found a way to reach out and touch people through my eloquent sequence of words to be an encouragement and a help for them.

I suppose what I am saying is that I am so completely grateful to be able to write for The Buzz as I hope that those who read my posts can find a haven, such as I have found one in baking. But, more importantly, I want you to challenge yourself to find a haven for yourself, whatever that may be. So in a celebration that truly reunites families and friends, I want to encourage you if even for a single moment in all the business and chaos of holiday shopping or family dinners, to find something to be thankful for. I hope all my readers have a great holiday season.

Share a holiday tradition that you enjoy partaking in for the holidays.

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