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photo credit: Sabrina Vasquez

Sabrina Vasquez is a sophomore studying architecture at New York City College of Technology. As a born New Yorker she has always admired the concrete jungle, eager to know more about these friendly giants that stand erect and pridefully watch over their inhabitants. On her free time, she enjoys exploring NYC and all of its glory, sketching scenes and narratives of the city. She also enjoys capturing portraits that fully embody the incidental beauty of the city with her camera whether it be from a smartphone or a digital camera. She loves reading fiction novels to pass the time on the subway while taking in the city’s culture that happens to surround her. She aspires to be an architect and to someday be a contributor to this generation’s Contemporary architecture style. She is always willing to learn new things about her environment and apply them to her architectural knowledge. But for now, you can find her at a local park, sitting on a bench, sketching or engulfed into an entirely different literary universe. Her main objective is to make New Yorkers fall back in love with New York City and appreciate all it has to offer. She intends to help her readers understand this beautiful city, architecturally; which can really reflect New York’s culture. She plans to personify New York’s architecture and tell the stories that are begging to be told.

Author’s Note:

New York City has a story to tell; it’s written in these walls, on these grounds, and in our hearts. I intend to narrate these stories and share my new findings of this ever-enchanting city with all who share my curiosity of New York’s history. I am excited to share my passion for my hometown through photography and other visual aids as we ultimately learn about New York together. I am extremely anxious to see where my relationship with OpenLab’s the Buzz takes me and how it could possibly enrich myself and others.


photo credit: Sabrina Vasquez

Where will our curiosity take us next….

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