Finding a Faculty Mentor; That’s What they Get Paid for

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So, I know that many students in City Tech are looking to get the most out of their education. I also know that many of those students have difficulty with many of their classes. Students attend tutorials, actually pay tutors the big bucks, and buy study books galore. What many of them don’t know, is that there are actually faculty out there who are waiting for you to knock down their doors.

Did you know that these faculty actually have a mandatory number of student advisement hours? If we don’t go to them during their hours, what are they being paid for? Their really waiting for you to come, and they want to help you with your classes.

They also want to help you with other aspects of college life. Your faculty are the ones who’ve been through college, they’ve been through more life than you, and by the way, they’re the ones who are going to right letters of reccomendation for you. Don’t you think you should do yourself a favor and get yourself a mentor?

It’s actually not very hard to find a mentor. It goes something like this. You find a professor, find out their office hours, and go visit them. Take it from an experienced mentee. It’s a sure way to find a mentor.

Who’s up for the challenge?

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