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Hi Everyone, Happy Summer!

Summer is usually a time when students take time off from the rituals of school. However, if you’re like me and soon to graduate summer is a time to prepare for the task of job hunting. That’s why my summer is being spent preparing my resume, cover letter, e-portfolio, and social media accounts. It may seem like a lot but all are very important things to have ready.  

My posts over the summer will give tips and advice on:

  • Presenting your accomplishments and achievements
  • Listing your experience
  • Advertising your strengths
  • Making use of clear and articulate writing
  • Avoiding spelling and punctuation errors

I will also offer advice to any aspiring writers and bloggers who wish to share their thoughts and words with the college community and on social media. Perhaps you’re like me and want to blog about your professional journey, but you also want your blog to be fun. Blogging may require a bit more effort than other popular topics but once you get the ball rolling you may find blogging to be a very rewarding practice that helps to build your career.

My summer motto: Plan ahead to get ahead!

2 thoughts on “Blogging Thru Summer

  1. I love, love your summer motto! I’ve been preparing for the job hunting as well, but so far no such luck. Hopefully July will be better then June.

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