A Treat to Remember

Photographer: Gennessy Palma

Good Afternoon City Tech, Genny here! I hope everyone’s had a very successful first week of classes! Knowing all too well how the struggle is; new syllabi and piles of homework. But I’m here to bring you a change of mind, let’s put away the homework for a second and take a short break now shall we? Now then, we all know we can’t work with an empty stomach so to give you an option why not try Blend on The Water. “ What’s Blend on The Water? “ you might ask, well In my opinion, it’s one of the cleanest and utmost delicious restaurants New York City has to offer.

Front Cover of Menu at Blend

Blend On The Water is a Latin Fusion restaurant with exquisite cuisines. This fine restaurant is found in Long Island City and you can’t miss it. Whether there’s an occasion such as an anniversary or birthday, or just a casual brunch day with friends this is your go to restaurant. But why?? Good question! Blend on The Water Is a fine dining restaurant with reasonable prices in my scale of $$$$$, this establishment is a $$$ meaning that it’s sensibly priced given that the restaurant also offers other amenities such as  valet parking, beautiful scenery, and outside seating. Be warned though! There is a dress code for this establishment so ladies and gentlemen button up!  

Food Ordered at Blend, perfecto! Photographer: Gennessy Palma

My Experience With Blend on The Water:

On August 30th I had reservations to Blend on The Water, it was my birthday so my other half Lokendra Singh surprised me into bringing us here. As always Blend on The Water was very cooperative and they did not delay us in giving our seats, because of the gorgeous day they gave us the option to eat inside or outside and of course we chose outside, after all I am a nature person, fresh air will always make me happy. Upon sitting down the waiters already had our menu’s ready and gave us the time we needed to choose our foods, being what is seen above. The chefs were very clean with the food and as an artistic being I highly appreciated the integrity and choice of placement the chef made with the food on my plate, isn’t it gorgeous? Concluding my critique, I give this establishment a 5, being the greatest  based on a scaling of 1-5  because not only did they provide quick service but it was kind service as well, and the scenery was remarkable; I saw the city from across the restaurant. So If you like a view while eating this is the place to go!

beautiful view near Long Island City.

P.S: My recommendation to you is to bring friends along! The more the merrier, enjoy!

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