Cookies for a Cause

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This Sunday marks National Cookie Day and is a day of celebration for cookies. Whether chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin, as well as the holiday favorites like gingerbread and sugar cookies, all cookies are celebrated on this particular day. My love for baking has brought me to prepare many cookies. But one of my biggest appreciations of being a baker is when the baked good that you have made, serve a greater purpose. I have written about childhood cancer a few times in terms of how they utilize food in order to fundraise for better treatments for children facing cancer. I’ve always had a place in my heart for children who are battling cancer but this year, it has affected me on a more personal level.

Gretchen and Larry Witt founded Cookies for Kids’ Cancer in 2008, just one year after their son, Liam was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. As childhood cancer did not have enough effective treatments to irrevocably cure cancer and readily allow children to be in remission. The Witts were determined to fundraise with bake sales of cookies to help further the research required to create newer and better treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, and other therapies. Although Liam passed away in early 2011, the Witts continue to fundraise with their non-profit organization aimed towards childhood cancers. Their main focus is to build communities to fight against a disease that children simply battle alone. Childhood cancer is the #1 disease killer of children in the United States as thirty-six children are diagnosed with cancer every day. And with the help of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, nine treatments have been created to help cure pediatric cancers. They encourage others to sell cookies under their organization’s name in order to raise more money to the contribution of benefiting pediatric cancer patients. It allows everyone to get involved with this amazing cause that continues to aid many children. Each child that is remission due to these new progressive medicines makes the Witts’ campaign even more important and valuable. As it allows the ‘C’ to only stand for cookies as it continues to minimize the tragic effects of childhood cancer.

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My main goal with baking as I aspire to be a pastry chef is to bring the world together by way of desserts, and this cause truly benefits children who desperately need our help. Something as simple and minute as a cookie has been an advocate for a greater cause and that is what I am trying to portray. So “Be a Good Cookie” as the Witts proclaim, and find ways to help out your community whether it be for childhood cancer or for any other cause. Our greatest gift on earth is to be able to serve and help others to may this world a better place.

Comment some ways in which you serve your community or organizations you wish to work with/donate to.

2 thoughts on “Cookies for a Cause

  1. That is a magnificent cause. Who knew that cookies could be a component in curing such a major and devastating disease like cancer; but not just any cancer, childhood cancer.

    I feel like your post was like another good post by Evans titled “Political Unrest”, You both showed how to find beauty in despair. Being optimistic is a very important aspect of life; especially with childhood cancer.

    • Sabrina, I completely agree. I feel that many people feel that children are somehow exempt from a horrific disease like cancer but that is unfortunately false. Still, it is important to be optimistic despite the struggles that life ensues. Thanks for reading.

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