Course Guidelines

Live entertainment is a collaborative art form. When we work, we work as members of a team. In addition, creative work of any kind is inherently risky. You need to trust your team members to support you, or the whole process falls apart.

Being a technical director requires a combination of technical skills and collaboration skills, and this class will give you opportunities to practice both. A technical director must have integrity, responsibility, and adaptability.

Integrity – Your team needs to trust you. This means you must be honest about time, money, and feasibility of design ideas. Don’t pad your budgets, don’t say no to things for no reason, and don’t promise things you can’t deliver. Admit when you are unsure of an answer, and admit when you are wrong. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t do something if you know that it is dangerous, illegal, or unethical.

Responsibility – Your team is counting on you. If you say you will do something – do it. If you say you will be somewhere – be there. If you make a mistake, own up to it and fix it. Don’t blame your shortcomings on others.

Adaptability – Your team is always in flux. New ideas pop up in rehearsal. Old ideas are discarded. Unexpected challenges will arise. Don’t get set in your ways or too attached to a particular piece of scenery. Having a well-developed plan will help you understand and adapt to change, but don’t rely on on an old, outdated plan if your circumstances have changed.

Course Guidelines

  1. Be respectful
  2. Arrive at class on time and prepared
    1. If you must be late or absent, contact me as soon as possible
    2. You are responsible for making up missed work
  3. Late work will not be accepted
  4. If you turn in less than 75% of the assignments (including daily quizzes, sketches, and writing activities), you will not pass the class
  5. No cell phone use in class

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