Ent 4410 Final Portfolio

In this semester of ENT 4410 Tech Direction, I have learned so much new things that will help me out there in this field.  I have improve on numerous categories because of the repititon work we have done such as budgeting, calendar, checklist, drafting and many more.  I know I need to build more on social matter and on how to deal with working with others in the group, because we can not always get along with everybody that we working with.  Even though this is the last class requirment for scenery, I don’t think I’m completly ready to work out there yet.  There is so much more that I want to be comfortable with and to learn while I’m still in this school.  I want to improve on my drafting skills and my biggest weakness is orthographic views of 2 dimensional things.  The way I see myself for this class is C because even though I have learned so much in different aspects, I am not very sattisfy with how I did in the class and using the time wisely.  I did learned a lot more comparing to the previous class and I am very glad that the professor took a chance in me to advance to the next class, I still thing I can learned a lot more and that is why I decided to stay extra year from my target graduation date, to work on improving my weaknesses which I think are a lot.  This major help me so much on my group work attitude especially in this class because everything is all group work, it does help me to be a better people person and adapt to individual personality.  This class also help me increase my time managment skill and priorities better which it will help me in my future life, to be honest that is why my portfolio come so late because I must get all my other classes final works done first before my final day for this semester, because of this I give myself a C because I know in real life they don’t care so much of your problem as long you can get the job done as it suppose to.  I should have done individual portfolio the day the project is done but again I was working on other stuff and not using my time wisely.  That is why in the calendar for all the problems, the busiest time is all in the beginning but my situation is the opposite.  My biggest goal for the future is to do everything very early so at the end I can be more relaxed and not worry so much in case something goes wrong.

problem 1 portfolio

problem 2 portfolio

Problem 3 portfolio

Problem 4 portfolio

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