Project #1 – Potential Venues

List all potential venues here.

Venue: Zepeda Studios
Seats:  120
Rental Rate (daily, weekly): $2,000 per week
Phone: 666-666-6666
Location:  66 Elm Street. Manhattan, Ny 10111
Visiting Availability: Monday or Wednesday at 10:00am.



11 thoughts on “Project #1 – Potential Venues

  1. Juan P. Correa

    So far I’ll be the site surveyour. I already looked into floor plans and hotels in the area and comodities, there’s also a BJ’s nearby which we can use to buy water and snacks for the talent and crew during the show, I’ll look up the car rental services tonight or tomorrow.

    Dennis can be the project manager.

    the hotel is here ( and a dry cleaners ( and a seafood restaurant since they want fish ( these are all within .5 mi or less from the venue one or of you can get room rates, prices for these comodities and .

    someone one else can get the rates for gettin a crew and equipment to set up the venue for lighting and sound. I think a good idea is to use ourselves as board ops and techs, we pay ourselves!

    I can be part of audio FOH or monitor engineer.

  2. TEKKNEO Post author

    Bad news: Juan and I were both snowed in, so no visit could be done today. Now for the good news, we can totally use the venue I’ve been working out of recently – The Joan Pincus Auditorium at the Grinton I. Will Library in Yonkers. I went in today and took a bunch of pictures and a short list of some of their inventory. It seats 325 but we can kill the house right/left seating area to narrow it down some. The only thing is that some lighting/sound rentals may be needed, but other than that it has pretty much everything else we need. Which leads me to this, how do you guys want to handle procurement? Someone for lighting and someone for sound?

    We all have valuable skill sets and I have no doubt we’ll kick ass this semester. Sorry if this at all came across kinda brash, that’s why I hate emails sometimes.

    Can we all agree to meet tomorrow at 1pm, for like 15 minutes at least, to go over everything?


    1. Michael Sauder

      I can do tomorrow at 1pm, though I wonder if maybe we would want to push it to 1:30? There’s the “Tools of the trade” event starting at noon.

      You say “kill the right/left seating area” – can they be physically partitioned off? Having them present but unseated may detract from an “intimate feeling.”

      Otherwise, if we’ve found a place that works and you already have pictures, I don’t see why we can’t use it.

      1. Juan P. Correa


        In order to “seal off” the sides of the venue we could get pipe and drape that will baislcally create a wall, it’s very easy to set up. We (you and I) will need to find out a price for the rental and Dennis can find out if the venue already has this.

        1. TEKKNEO Post author

          We don’t have to physically cut off the sides like that. We can simply rope it off. Creating a wall would introducing other problems with lighting and sound, so I’d just stick with roping/taping off the entrances to rows of seats.

  3. TEKKNEO Post author

    Looks like we have two pretty good candidates for the venue. Each with their pros & cons. The only thing about the beer garden is that we don’t have anything to show for being there in person and doing a site survey. The auditorium is literally 2 blocks away from me and I’m very familiar with the venue, and of course the are. So, unless you think someone will be able to go in by Friday to the beer garden, or we have a different solution, the Pincus auditorium may be a more viable solution. Whatever is the easiest and most effective to procure. Thoughts?


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