Joan Pincus Auditorium – Checklist

I highlighted all the items needed for the venue. We would to have procure these items. How do you guys want to handle this (If we go with this venue)?

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 7.08.04 PM

3 thoughts on “Joan Pincus Auditorium – Checklist

  1. TEKKNEO Post author

    Address to the place:

    Grinton I. Will Library
    1500 Central Park Ave
    Yonkers, New York 10710

    There’s a Ramada hotel nearby and a motel even closer. There’s also a Costo/Home Depot nearby.

  2. Michael Sauder

    Is not having a shower a deal killer?

    As I read it, the backdrop doesn’t have to be procured by us – it’s provided by the artists. I put it in the checklist so that we would have the *capability* to hang such a backdrop. Probably could have worded it differently.

    Someone (Mark? Sam?) should volunteer to get prices on lights and/or audio rentals…

  3. TEKKNEO Post author

    I’m not sure about the shower situation. Normally we’d go to the producers for this, so I’m not sure what the course of action should be. Hmm..

    Oh, okay. In that case, yes, we have the capability to hang a backdrop.

    There is no Mark, did you mean David? Sam said he’d handle the sound component. I vote David for lighting. I’ll follow up at tomorrow’s meeting. 1pm in the crew room.


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