The Pitch (Draft)

In these modern times walking is no longer an undervalued way to travel. Why ride in a crowded subway or bus when walking allows you to not only see new things, but “experience” an area or neighborhood. Should you find yourself in need of a walk there are probably a few factors to consider. The route should be the right length  destination in a timely manner ,but allowing you to enjoy yourself and let the surroundings sink in. There should be something to draw your eye and catch your attention; something you might not see somewhere else. Finally there should be something to do. Maybe a restaurant or store you would want to go to; by yourself or with a friend or a few friends. These are just a few things my route has to offer.

The route proposed is from the Nevins st. train station (accessible from the 2,3 and 4 trains) to the New York City College of Technology. The route is about a fifteen minute walk. It takes you (the walker) up the Flatbush Avenue Extension down Tillary street a bit and finally on Jay street right in front of the college. A very simple route requiring just walking straight and taking two turns once on to Tillary and again on to Jay street. The route itself is very simple but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any sights to take in.

As you walk through downtown Brooklyn there are definitely some interesting sights. There are some beautifully designed buildings to see. They aren’t like the skyscraper in Manhattan but they are still very pretty to look at. You will pass a nice little plaza or park as you pass by the Long Island University. As you continue down your walk down Flatbush Avenue you will also be able to see the Manhattan Bridge on a clear day. As you walk down Tillary street you will see a nice park called McLaughlin park on the right side of the street. This could inspire a little detour if you’d like or if you find yourself with a little extra time.

Along the route there are many restaurants and interesting stores you might want to check out most of which are on Flatbush Avenue. Some well known places to eat like Applebee’s and Dunkin Donuts and some not so familiar ones like 2 bros. pizza. As you begin walking down Flatbush Avenue; on the right side of the street there will a little known store that sells video games and many other interesting things. You could take a few detours on this route as well like you could continue walking up Flatbush Avenue and walk to or across the Brooklyn Bridge. You could also if you want another interesting detour you could take a left onto Willoughby street to Jay St-Metro Tech passing by the St. Boniface church and the Brooklyn Community Pride Center.

The route suggested has a lot of things to offer you. It’s very simple so if your bad with directions or are a tourist and don’t know your way around the area you don’t have to worry to much about getting lost. This route is also not too long so if your a busy person who doesn’t have a whole lot of time and you find yourself with an extra fifteen minutes it’s definitely a short walk worth your time. There’s also plenty of places to go shopping and restaurants to eat at afterwards. There are a few sights to see; some well designed buildings and even the Manhattan Bridge. This route is definitely worth a look into if you find yourself in downtown Brooklyn. You won’t be disappointed


2 thoughts on “The Pitch (Draft)”

  1. After taking your walk, i can say that i really did enjoy myself. usually when i walk to City Tech, i take the shortest route, getting m,e from point A, to point B as fast as possible, having about 30 minutes to an hour of extra time. waiting for class to start. With your walk however, i found my walk to me a little more enjoyable, being in a more populated area, full of energy and life. The Urban area that your walk portrays is perfect from the attractions such as restaurants, stores, and the appealing skyscrapers that can be seen seen from a distance.

    The appeal of the area is definitely interesting, as it has certain landmarks that keep the area fresh and new to the public. From the parks that are located near LIU, to the streets with busy traffic and sidewalks full of people and cars. Its also good to know that there are areas where i can go to eat like 2Bros. Pizza and Applebees, things like that make the walk more memorable so I would go back at a later time. Also with the holiday season starting to begin, there are lights that are being displayed around the area to celebrate the occasion. With these lights, it enhances the overall area, giving it more charm as it enters a more festive feeling for December.

    Overall, your walk does a good job creating an appeal for most people who enjoy urban society and what it has to offer. I definitely enjoyed it and i hope others will agree.

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