Hello my name is Tiffany Austin, I am currently completing my Bachelors in Graphic Communications with a focus in Graphic Design at New York City College of Technology. I have expert experience working with; Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and proficient knowledge with InDesign and Dreamweaver. While attaining my degree, I have had the opportunity to create various projects such as; ad campaigns, Ipad applications, corporate identity (of a fictional business), logos, magazines (interactive), brochures and 3D packaging designs.


During the process of attaining my degree I have taken writing intensive courses. I realized that I enjoyed advertising over graphic design. These courses have allowed me to discover my niche for copywriting. I enjoy telling a story, through a catch phrase or coming up with a concept whether it is for an ad campaign or a commercial. My goal this semester is to, focus my portfolio design on advertising. My current career goal is to work as a copywriter and within the advertising field.