Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt

Unfortunately I missed the museum trip to Cooper Hewitt, however I managed to go on my own. I had never been to Cooper Hewitt and hoped that it would not be like one of the many museum trips that I went on before. Thankfully it was not, it was modern, interactive and quite fun. My favorite exhibit was “Pixar: The Design of Story, of course I took advantage of my interactive pen and decided to have some fun.



I decided to draw a piece inspired by one of my favorite Pixar movies which is UP. While drawing on the interactive design table, I had a bit of trouble because the interactive pen tip was a bit big. I saved my drawing to the pen but sadly the pen drawing could not be read :(. Not to toot my own horn but my drawing looked close enough to a Picasso……ok maybe not that good. But it was definitely A+ (if rated by a Kindergartner).

The parts of this particular exhibit that I loved the most were, the sketches and concepts behind the development of UP. This movie touched my heart because of the heart warming concept behind it. The characters and their opposite personalities made the movie even more special. The sketches and digital paintings were fascinating, they were very detailed and showed real progression. I found it interesting that ideas for movies, can be referenced back to 1904. The house design for UP was inspired by an architect by the name of Hector Guimard. You never know where your inspiration can stem from.


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