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The logo that I have chosen is the True Religion logo. I like the brand, I own a few pairs of their jeans, and shirts This brand of jeans is an American denim label inspires by the 1970’s style. This brand was created by Jeffery Lubell. The company was stared in December 2002. He really made his jeans to appeal to the high end fashion. He makes his clothes for women, men and children. True religion owns and operates its own branded retail store all across the united stated. The first true religion store was open in Manhattan Beach California.

The logo contains a Laughing Buddha which is the true religion signature logo, also they use a funny looking U , on the back pockets of their jeans. His logo is well known it is advertised on buses, and TV. The Buddha is a symbol of peace, nature and good things to happen. “The true religion meant that there’s only one religion in this world. That’s people, and we all wear jeans”. Jeffery Lubell. The Buddha to me is trying to say that he wants you to have a peaceful feeling when you wear his clothes. The clothes are usually placed on young sexy women and men. There is a true religion site that you can go on to find there item. They are known for good quality denim. They have not been around that long but they have made a name for there selves.


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