Don’t judge a book by its cover is the quote that i picked. I chose this quote because as humans i feel that we are all guilty of this. We all judge people in one way or another with really knowing the person. Growing up i was always judged before my peers got to know me.My first concept was hard for me to think of . I used a black background to make the words pop also, i used black because being judged before a person gets to know you usually makes people think negative about you. The words around the quote are words we use sometime.



The second concept i thought was cool to put some colors in it . I used the book to replace the word because i though this would be really effective. I though to do something playful that would catch your eye.




My third concept was of the image of Beauty and the Beast. Growing up this is a movie we all watch and it was a perfect example why we should not be so quick to judge. I thought the would add to the value of my quote.