Field trip

My trip to the SVA Chelsea Gallery was very interesting. They had different pieces of his art work that caught my eye. They was full of color and design. They had a lot of color and symbolized different things . I chose the chase logo. The flag design the Ellis Island Imigration Museum and the birthday cake pencils.



Chase logo 1961. This is an abstract design orginally created for the newly build chase. The is a well recognized symbol. I think the symbol is very simple but it got its mark in the world. It is a very effective logo.




Ellis Island Immigration 1990.This is a very interesting  picture, it shows the symbol of the country and the people who lives here. This shows how diverse America is. It is made up of so many people of diffrent races and cultures. All the diversity makes up America. The flag shows how America is diffrent in so many ways. Not everyone is the same.




The 50th birthday cake. His design stood out to me because it is made up of pencils. The pencils on top ,which is supose to be the candles are all short but diffrendiffrent size pencils. The pencils are sharpened and used and look old. The pencils on the bottom are all unsharpened new pencils. There are 100 pencils in all, 50 on the bottom 50 on the top. To me the sharipened pencils on top represent the bumps in road that he faced to get where he was in life and how life does put some wear and tear on us , the unsharpened pencils represent the new things to come the future that is unknown that’s why the pencils looked new.