My self-reflection narrative occurs during my clinical in the Womens’ Wellness Center at Kings County Hospital, a municipal hospital located in East Flatbush, NY, owned & operated by NYC Health + Hospitals. The hospital serves a high number of minorities and does not discriminate against the uninsured.

Objective 1: Demonstrates individual professionalism through personal behaviors and Appearance.

My weekly clinical is at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. We are expected to report to our clinical instructor in the E building lobby by 8amsharp, dressed in formals with our professional lab coats ready. Tardiness is not tolerated as it may result in withdrawal from the course. Clinical is taken very seriously as part of the curriculum. As per all organizations, strict privacy is maintained according to HIPPA’s policy and all staff and students are required to abide by HIPPA. The clinical starts off with a pre-conference for the day and ends with a post-conference and a detailed review of all activities carried out by the students by 12.40pm.

Objective 2: Employ analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills when providing care to individuals and families in the community setting.

On March 13th, my clinical was at the pediatric triage. Most of the children were ill with the common cold and/or cough. I remember a Caribbean mother with her twin boy and girl infants ill with the common cold. Upon immediate inspection, and a quick head-to-toe assessment asthma was noticed by both the triage nurse and myself. We confirmed with the mother if she administered any medication or native herbal remedies. She denied using anything. The nurse and I mentioned a remedy to the mother to turn on the hot shower and to let the steam aid in clearing the nasal passage for her children along with children’s’ Tylenol. No seriously issue related to asthma was observed and she was sent to meet with the on-call pediatrician.

Objective 3: Effectively communicate with diverse groups and disciplines using a variety of strategies regarding the health needs of individuals and families in the community setting.

At the pediatric triage, patients were of a variety of diverse groups. Cultural competence was maintained by respecting space and developing an open and trusting relationship.

Objective 4: Establish environment conducive to learning and use a plan for learners based on evidence-based practice.

Our final presentation is on Asthma teaching and education targeting children and parents. This was a chosen topic due to the high rate of respiratory problems faced by the community and asthma was the main respiratory disease. Teaching was based on meaning, triggers, risk factors and maintenance of asthma. Brochures, pamphlets were handed out various languages at a fifth grade understanding level.

Objective 5: Utilize informational technology when managing individual and families in the community.

Information on the Asthma presentation was extracted from online sites:,, peer-reviewed journals and databases.

Objective 6. Demonstrate a commitment to professional development.

Keeping abreast of updated information from credible sources is an important way to keep one’s commitment to progressing professionally.

Objective 7. Incorporate professional nursing standards and accountability into practice.

Understanding one’s scope of practice and responsibilities is necessary before performing tasks. I made sure to know what my role and accompanying responsibilities were before I started my clinical assignment.

Objective 8. Collaborate with clients, significant support persons and members of the health care team.

On March 6th, 2018, I was assigned to head nurse Ms. X on a breast-feeding & nutrition seminar for new moms. Interacting with the mothers as well as their significant others was a new practice for me. I introduced myself and mentioned that I was there to assist Mx. X in clearing any doubts or misconceptions. With repeatedly answering their questions at the end to the best of my knowledge, I was able to overcome my discomfort and built confidence.

Objective 9. Recognize the impact of economic, political, social and demographic forces that affect the delivery of health care services.

Kings county hospital is situated in the East Flatbush district of Brooklyn, NY. The hospital does not refuse patients based on their inability to afford necessary services. This allows for better healthcare access to individuals. The social-economic status shows 12% of the population unemployed, 18% considered poor and 54% employed. These demographics contribute to high obesity rates due to stores and delis that contain mainly processed foods, sodas, processed meats. Adults in East Flatbush are almost three times as likely to consume sugary beverages as Stuyvesant Town and Turtle Bay adults. Smoking is high, coupled with excessive air pollution contributes to various respiratory illnesses. All these factors including language and education barrier can affect the delivery of health care services rendered.

In conclusion, during my clinical at Kings County Hospital, I have learnt to polish my communication skills and build up my confidence in interacting with significant support persons and other team members. Abiding by HIPPA’s protocol allowed for strict privacy to be maintained. Treating each patient with respect and dignity and actively listening allows for a trusting relationship to be built.