The Duke and Duchess of Windsor

Is this photograph of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (by Richard Avedon) a selfie?

How would you describe the look on the faces of these two subjects?  What might have happened (in the “backstory” of this image) to make them look the way they do? (You can use your imagination here.)

Richard Avedon (the photographer) is famous for talking to his subjects as he takes their photo.  What might he have be talking to the Duke and Duchess about at the moment this photo was taken?

2 thoughts on “The Duke and Duchess of Windsor”

  1. In the photograph of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor by Richard Avedon I would describe theirs faces as being a look of confusion. Since Avedon was known to talk to his subject while taking their picture so by the looks on their faces he must have asked a very personal question such as how often to you have marital relations, who’s on top,  and our you swingers. Since they are royal and of a higher class these question  are not suppose to asked let alone answered. Abandon thought process might have been that the best pictures captures are the ones your not ready for.

  2. This photo of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor is not considered to be a selfie. A selfie is self posed for, while this photograph looks more of an off guard. You can tell because the two people in this portrait were not ready for it. These two subjects have a concerned type of look on their face as if something was mentioned that shouldn’t have been or they haven’t spoken on. The technique of talking to the subjects while taking the photo captures a raw emotion on their face. So it must have been a topic brought up which had taken these tow subjects by shock and unexpected.

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