Media analysis

This picture was taken in Vancouver after hockey game in 2011. On the foreground we see police man who is armed with a helmet, shield and nightstick. This is a typical police gear to pacification crowds. In the background we can a running mob. In my opinion people in yellow vest are policemen chasing people who were taking part in riots. And at last in the middle plane we can see our main character a couple which is making out in the middle of the riots. This picture is almost unreal. In the middle of chaos, against every thing two people are indulging in feelings.

This picture spread thought internet with light speed.  It was every where Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 9gag etc. Public eye gushed over it, and hailed them as a modern symbol of “make love not war”.  Unfortunately internet society was to quick with judgement. There wasn’t many people who want to dig deeper in to this. However some people did. They found that this was Alex Thomas and her Australian boyfriend Scott Jones and they weren’t kissing. Based on testimony of witnesses they get between police and the mob and couldn’t escape. They were knocked down by police and left.

Base on this history we as a internet community must be aware that every news in internet is potentially a fake news. Even a little effort could give us clues if news is real or not.

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