HW for Friday (1p)

  1. Title, Authors – “Hello, Strager”, by Elizabeth W. Dunn and Michael Norton

Main idea – People should feel more free to speak with the other commuters, for get more pleasure from daily commuting routine.

Thesis – People who spoke with the strangers while commuting had more positive experience than those who did not speak to anyone.


  1. A Main idea – Speaking with commuters will improve your’s social life.

Thesis – If you meet more new people, you might make new friendships more frequently.

Content I must include – I must refer to the article and use some personal experience to support my thesis.

Content I can include – Maybe an article that I read in the past, about social interactions.


B Main idea – I’ve met best friend from social group that I had not considered I            would ever have.

Thesis – Never judge people, before you speak with them.

Content I must include – History Of how I met my best friend, and how it refers to the article.

Content I can include – Histories of other people that I have heard, which are connected to the topic.


  1. Article with additional information’s:



HW for Monday 5/13

Prompt A is an argument assay, where student need to choose a side; agree or disagree with authors. Student need to support his statement with argument from his life or text that he read.

In prompt B is personal essay. Student need to choose an event from his life and describe it. Event must be connected with topic of the prompt.

Prompt B outline:

Why I thought about this social group in this way.

Moment when I met my friend for the first time.

After time spend with him, I’ve understood this particular social group.

HW for Mon 5/6


The first meaning of the “n-word” is how whites were calling Afro-Americans. This meaning of the “n-word” is a bad one. This word was used by whites to call all black people in US during the slavery time. This word was carried to the present because they are still people that think that Afro-Americans are less people. Second meaning of the “n-word” is when woman is calling her husband or boyfriend. In that case this word plays totally different meaning. Its not bad anymore but its good. For Afro-Americans is they call them self “n-word” its like a pride that they show to each other. This shows that a bad word for one can mean a good for others. They keep calling themselves that because that the part of their history.


In my opinion using “nigger” in her essay is not offensive because she is not applying this word to no one in particular. This word is used as a representation. She is using whole word because it makes sense for her to do it. she is not writing essay about “n-word” meaning but about meaning of the word “nigger”. For me the difference between the “n-word,” “nigger,” and “nigga” is that is used by different people in different situations. The “n-word,” is used as a way of not actually saying the word. On the other hand “nigger,” is a word that been used in the past for calling Afro-Americans and it been carried to the present day but its not as common. Lastly “nigga” is used between Afro-Americans, by saying that they are calling them self “bro” or “homie”. Its their way of saying that.

HW for Mon 4/15

In the text “Feasts Under the Bridge” we can read “Doxxing. A troll will essentially hack or use cunning to extract personal information including where a target may live, who their spouse or children are, their telephone and email addresses, their workplace, how many nudes they have of themselves, etc and may distribute this sensitive information in another location particularly for public shaming” (Kerr 64). From this quote I learned that there are people that just for they entertainment will expose someone’s private information’s. By doing this person affected by this could loos their job, their life could be in danger because no one knows what person will receive those information’s. Their whole life and career could be ruined. This quote gives whole new idea of what trolling can be. This kind of action is very damaging and reckless.

HW for Mon 4/8

Normcore is the way of life. In this way people don’t try to be “cool”, if being “cool” is against their character and made them copies of the others members. People do not try to show up and seek for another people attention. In normcore you can do what ever you want, with out devotion oneself to these things, those people can easily fit in to any group, if only it suit for them.

“Normcore moves away from a coolness that relies on differences to a post-authenticity coolness that opts into sameness.


In my opinion “surveillant anxiety” means that people will be always scared that someone can spy on them, and that organizations which are spying on people are scared that they do not have enough data about citizens.


Author refer to the “Youth Mode” normcore because people who follow it are hard to locate in social network. Those people easily fit into groups, and do not show any characteristic.

HW/Prompt for Mon 3/25

A) I am transfer student from Europe, at this point of semester I need to practice my grammar and vocabulary. To achieve this, I need to read more books and articles in English. I think that my understanding of texts is on good level but responding to it not so much.


“The “Californian ideolgy” as defined in 1995 by Richard Barbook and Andy Cameron helped us trace the motives underlying the internet back to their cold War roots (and the ambivalent hippie culture). Fred Turner’s 2006 classic From Counterculture to Cyberculture did much the same. But the historical perspective is not much use if it cannot explain social media’s contemporary and persistent success since the 1990s. Now, as in the 1970s, the role of ideology in navigating the limits of existing system is all too real. To study ideology is to take a close look at this everyday life, here and now. What remains particularly unexplained is the apparent paradox between the hyper-individualized subject and the herd mentality of the social. What’s wrong with the social? What’s right with it? Positivity is as pervasive in California as it is in the Italian cyberspace scene, which, in a Gramscian move, has embraced the “social network” as a sign within popular culture that the multitude can beat the mainstream in its act of mediation. Italian critics, activists, and artists are not unlike many others in being hyperaware of all the controversies made in Silicon Valley, while remaining mostly positive about the magic potion called social networking.”


Lovink’s point is that current situation in social network id divided in to two main branches: individualized and socialized. Social network is divided in similar way world was divided during Cold War.

Ideology in my opinion is a system of ideas and believes which connects people from different nation, races and social classes.

HW for Mon 3/18

From the text by Supavich (Fone) Pengnate we can learn “Since the primary intent of clickbait headlines is to generate clicks, the headlines and their content are often misleading, unverified, and seldom corrected. Clickbait headlines that circulate rumors and misinformation have repeatedly posted danger to both public and business sections. For example, in 2008, a fraudulent Internet report claiming that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, had suffered a serious heart attack was spread throughout social media. The story caused a panic on Wall Street which consequently led to approximately 10 percent drop in Apple’s stock price (Sandoval 2008)” (Pengnate 1).

In the text titled “Measuring Emotional Arousal in Clickbait: Eye-Tracking Approach” we can read “Clickbait headlines can be considered as a tabloid version of online news headlines. However, clickbait headlines are different from news headlines in the way that news headlines generally provide “hard news” content (e.g., politics, crimes, science, and economics) while clickbait headlines often contain “soft news” content (e.g., entertainment, gossip, and fiction)” (Pengnate 2).

Supavich (Fone) Pengnate in the text states that “Few studies in the literature have examined clickbait headlines and their consequences. For example, Chen et al. (2015) examined methods to detect clickbait and provide potential cues for recognizing both textual and non-textual clickbait. Blom and Hansen (2015) investigated techniques used to create and identify clickbait. While the use of clickbait headlines is increasing and can raise serious ethical and financial issues to individuals or organizations, it has received little attention in the IS literature” (Pengnate 2).

In “Measuring Emotional Arousal in Clickbait: Eye-Tracking Approach”, Supavich (Fone) Pengnate points out “According to studies in the psychology literature, the traditional measure of emotional arousal that has widely been used is a semantic differential scale devised by Mehrabian and Russell (1974). The semantic differential scale is a self-reported rating scale that consists of a set of bipolar adjective pairs rated along a Likert scale. Arousal scores are then derived from factor analyses of the measures” (Pengnate 3).

The text titled “Measuring Emotional Arousal in Clickbait: Eye-Tracking Approach” express that “In general, this study provides empirical evidence of arousal evoked by clickbait headlines. The results indicate that pupillary response can be used as an indicator of arousal, specifically at a high level. These results are consistent with previous studies in the journalism literature (e.g., Bradley et al. 2008; Stanners et al. 1979). However, this research extends the existing studies by investigating arousal in a differently type of online news headlines context—clickbait” (Pengnate 7).

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor

This photography is not a selfie. The word selfie has self in it which can be understood as something that you do by yourself. Also, selfie photos don’t have torso of people on it. Most of the time we can see neck and face. People on this picture have scared or surprised facial expression. The cause of that kind of facial expression could be that this picture was taken after funeral because both subject wear black color clothes. As we know, Richard Avedon likes to talk to the subjects during photoshoots so we can assume that the facial expressions are caused by something he talked about. In my opinion Richard Avedon was talking something really tragic or surpassing that cause Duke and Duchess to have faces like that.

Media analysis

This picture was taken in Vancouver after hockey game in 2011. On the foreground we see police man who is armed with a helmet, shield and nightstick. This is a typical police gear to pacification crowds. In the background we can a running mob. In my opinion people in yellow vest are policemen chasing people who were taking part in riots. And at last in the middle plane we can see our main character a couple which is making out in the middle of the riots. This picture is almost unreal. In the middle of chaos, against every thing two people are indulging in feelings.

This picture spread thought internet with light speed.  It was every where Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 9gag etc. Public eye gushed over it, and hailed them as a modern symbol of “make love not war”.  Unfortunately internet society was to quick with judgement. There wasn’t many people who want to dig deeper in to this. However some people did. They found that this was Alex Thomas and her Australian boyfriend Scott Jones and they weren’t kissing. Based on testimony of witnesses they get between police and the mob and couldn’t escape. They were knocked down by police and left.

Base on this history we as a internet community must be aware that every news in internet is potentially a fake news. Even a little effort could give us clues if news is real or not.

Developing Conflict/Enigma with key details & events.

2a. In my opinion main conflict is between Deirdre and the rest of friends and it is based on curiosity of the group how look legs after amputation part of it. Deirdre was was forced by pressure of the group to kiss the stump. Conflict is developing from conversation between friends about loudest sounds they heard. However, they don’t mention jet engine sound or siren like many people would say. They share with each other very private parts of their lives, and this is first the conflict, to open yours self with problems to other people. Second conflict came after change of subject to the most silent thing they ever heard and Chris story about leg. Conflict is in behavior of people, they didn’t ask how he feel with it, they just wanted to know how it looked like. I think he didn’t want to show them his leg so he made this demand to kiss his stump. Which lead us to the next conflict pressure of the group on Deirdre, to do this. Fist detail to create this situation was that they didn’t know each other so much, if they would be closer friend they probably would be more careful about other feelings. Second one was the strong feeling to know unknown, in this case how Chris leg looked like.

3. My first big internal conflict happened few year back at my firs semester of college. My major was geodesy, I had been thinking along time before college that this would be something that I would like to do in my life. However, after first half of semester I was starting to changing my mind. During the classes I got to know in details what geodesy is and I did not liked it. But I didn’t know what what to do. My parents gave me money for education, and I felt that I couldn’t disappoint them so I kept studying to the end of semester. During final exams I had enough. I had this thoughts that I couldn’t ruin my life and stuck with things that I don’t want to do. On the next weekend caught train to my home town. After arrived I had the most difficult conversation with my parents, but I had to tell them the truth.

Comment to documentary Kriegman and Steinberg’s Weiner (2016)

For me this was a very interesting documentary. In my opinion it tells two stories. One about the man who wants to fight for his believes. The man who wants to change something in society, but in the same time he struggles with his personal problems. The other story is about how modern campaign works in the internet age. It is slightly refer to ma essay, where I try to show that in this days people are addicted from selfies, and social media, and because of that it is hard to keep privacy. Also in this documentary we can see that people are eager for sensation, and selfie or other photo can easily create one. After this scandal people forgot about what he wanted to change in the city and based their judgement on current emotions to the candidate.

HM 02/25

  1. In the mid 2000s internet was not a crowded place, people was meeting friends by sharing their passions, and goals.
  2. In internet you never know what kind of people like same things as you.
  3. In this days it is still suspicious to make friends in internet and popular social platforms won’t try to change this way of thinking.
  4. People are scared that somebody met on internet could hurt them, or use them for their own purposes.
  5. Explanation how Catfish show works, on example of Sunny and Jamison.
  6. Big surprise when Sunny and Jamison finally met in real life.
  7. The Catfish show is exemplify how people ignore signals that something is a lie and believe in it.
  8. The Catfish show reinforces people scare of internet friendship.
  9. Computer scientist J.C.R Licklider believed that internet would be place were people won’t be alone, because they would met people with the same goals and passions regardless from social class.
  10. In nowadays Facebook concentrates briefly on real interaction between people, and more on making money.
  11. Mark Zuckerberg is approaching Facebook to much from programmer point of view.
  12. Every form of interaction between people on Facebook could be presented in form of graph.
  13. In Facebook world there isn’t place for unknown and anonymity, and human interactions are decrease to minimum.
  14. Technology cant understand friendship, because it is create only on logic site of human brain.
  15. There were minor social networks, besides giants like Facebook and Myspace .
  16. Makeoutclub might be first word’s social network.
  17. Makeoutclub gave opportunity for kids to expand heir identities.
  18. It was a place to share information about what’s new in the culture.
  19. Makeoutclub was a place to hook up, but in old fashion way by conversation, and with out control of programs.
  20. At Mateoutclub people were free in looking for new friends.
  21. Makeoutclub gave more freedom in terms of anonymity and identity.
  22. Advatage of being anonymous, could have one downside we can lost contact with person we really liked.
  23. People can also easier find each other, if they are using social network based on sharing passions.
  24. Out side Facebook still exist communities that allow to make new friendships base on what people like.
  25. If someone the same passions and goals internet friendship can be sustain.
  26. Makeoutclub still exists, and is resembling how past look like.
  27. It is weird that internet community had met up

Chen in passage “Don’t Be a Stranger” compare internet in mid 2000s and in nowadays in terms of social life. It shows that in general internet was more open space in which people wasn’t so scared to open them selves to other people. They made communities which share the same point of view. Internet was a place with less control of corporation.