8.2 | Two Views of a Scene

For Thursday, I want you to post your two different versions of a scene for Essay 1 that you worked on during class on Tuesday.  For instance, you might choose to represent your scene from the 3rd-person perspective of an onlooker’s phone and then write another version of the scene representing it from your own first-person perspective.

Along with your two versions of the scene, please include a brief description of the two different narrators/perspectives you used.


Wendy’s original, first-person perspective:
The only time I’ve witnessed internet addiction was when recently I’m doing my own thing on my computer and my wifi has been shitty lately so whenever I load a tab, it would blank out for a sec. for that black second I saw my own reflection and I thought “what the hell am I doing with my life? I’m literally sitting here, staring at a screen for hours”, but as soon as my page loaded I continued doing what I was doing. Sometimes or most of the times, I believe that we knowingly do or make mistakes even though we have an idea of what the consequences will be.

First-person plural narration, written from the perspective of “a mystery inside the box”:
Isn’t it funny to watch how this user explodes when we cut the power to Firefox? Such a buggy browser in the first place, so maybe she doesn’t even know it’s us processor chip guys pulling the old “glitchy tab” trick. She probably doesn’t even have a clue that we have access to the USB camera and can watch her grimace as she waits for the content to load. Oh, watch, there she goes… off to check the router situation again. Will these poor humans ever learn that it’s not bad WiFi that’s plaguing them—it’s us?

7 thoughts on “8.2 | Two Views of a Scene”

  1. I’m so exhausted, all the possibilities, all the things I could do. You don’t spent top dollar on things like me to just text. Tsk Tsk Tsk, this poor boy, the broad won’t let him get a word in. I should shut down to end his misery. I outta call Sarah and tell her to put on the protection because sandys got a virus but he takes some thing to control it. If only he knew I got exede his wildest expectations.

  2. My Perspective:

    Rebecca and I had been texting for over a month, and I found her very humorous. I was also great at making her laugh. I’d brag about how “fire” she is and she’d respond with “lmfao” followed by a “thank you” and a heart emoji. We had a great friendship, until we actually decided to meet up in person. She lived an hour away from me so I decided to make the trip. Going over there the only thought that crossed my mind was, “what if I got cat fished?”

    Rebeccas Perspective:

    Jonathan and I have been texting for over a month, I think it’s time we actually meet up in person. He consistently compliments me on pretty am I, yet I think he does that to everyone. I can’t wait for this weekend; I have been waiting to meet him for the longest. Jonathan lives about an hour away from me, but for some odd reason he’s always occupied when I ask him to come “chill”. Sometimes I feel like he’s trying to avoid me, but I wonder why?

    Third Person Omniscient:

    Although Jonathan and Rebecca seem pretty close through text, tables turn when they plan to meet in person. Looking through the conversation’s they’ve had in the past, it is pretty obvious they have some sort of interest in each other. Rebecca seems excited going on this romantic date to McDonalds on E. 149th street. Jonathan is freaking out by the minute since they last spoke. Doubts cross Rebecca’s mind as she pieces together the amount of times he “dubbed” her, but she believes this time is different and hopes he’s not busy.

  3. My perspective:

    On a Thursday night I was on the A train going home. I am doing my regular routine turn my music on and put the volume all the way up so I can’t hear nobody conversation or noise. While the ride home I notice three teenagers talking about another girls makeup on the train. I didn’t pay this no mind until I notice one of the teenager recording the other female on snapchat. In my head I am I said this will cause a conflict soon. Then just like what I said an conflict happened. The other female notice she was getting recorded and confronted the teenager about why she is recording her. I was so into this conflict I turn off my music to hear the words being thrown at each other. The only reason why this conflict didn’t escalated because the train stopped on Utica Ave and the teenagers got off. This whole conflict started because one teenager wanted to record the other female with the over do makeup for social media which could have been fine without it.

    The Lady perspective:
    (I know this little girl is not taking a picture of me. Lord bless my soul so I don’t hurt nobody child tonight please. Let me go about my business.) ” OH HELL NO um little girl why you taking a picture or video of me for?” ” Do we have a problem or you want to start one?” ” No you listen little girl delete myself off your phone or we going to have a problem.” ” HA-HA-HA is this a joke to you?” “I am a grown woman.” ” I am going to say this one last time delete my face off your phone.”

  4. Basketballs perspective : my head hurts so fucking bad. These kids constantly dribbling me on this concrete is going to drive me nuts . All this throwing me around is making me nauseous I feel Like I’m going to throw up . My body hurts a little because I keep bouncing off the rim and backboard . These kids have shitty ass jumpshots. I just want them to stop playing so I can be home and get some rest.

    My perspective: bruh why the fuck do we invite him if he’s always on his phone . This kid gotta be on drugs. And now he wants to play ball with his phone in his pocket omg . Word to mommy his shit gonna break . I hope it does break because of him being an idiot.

  5. My original perspective:
    Due to the many different things on social media, there are numerous ways in which we can be affected. For instance, peer pressure/influence. At times, the things or the people we see on social media make us think twice about what we want to share to the world about ourselves. There was a time in middle school when one of my closest friends called Lucy had finally made up her mind to open a facebook account. When Lucy made this decision, I was in shock because she never seemed like the type. She was all about her books and never wanted to let anything get in the way of that. When Lucy finally opened facebook she began to portray a kind of behavior that I myself was not familiar with. Lucy began to complain about how I used to get so many likes and she didn’t get any. Personally, I didn’t care about likes. I posted pictures just for the sake of it and same with status’ but Lucy was different. “Do you think I don’t get likes because I don’t show anything people are interested in?” Lucie once asked. I didn’t even have a reply for her. All I could think about was how foolish that question was but I eventually gave her a response. I began with an “I think you should be yourself” speech and she just went off. Lucy claimed the people all over her facebook were not being themselves. She then showed me the various pictures she had saved of her phone of the girls that were getting more likes than she was. The idea of her feeling insecure came to mind but then I realized that she was letting this social media thing get to her a bit too much. Weeks later, Lucy began to come to school with makeup, “fly” clothes, I mean she was the new hot girl in the 7th grade. That caused her to get more friends and get more likes, which was exactly what she wanted. Was Lucy right for changing her look just for the likes? Who was I to tell her that she wasn’t? She was my friend and even though I knew it was going to end up in her transforming into a person she herself wouldn’t be comfortable with, it was not my place to tell her that because she was happy. Overall, now that I think about it I think the situation was too sensitive for me to give my opinion. Maybe it would have resulted in a different outcome because over time the relationship Lucy and I had took a complete left turn. She was more invested in her Facebook statuses, pics, people who weren’t even her real friends, and comments rather than our friendship. Do you see what I mean by peer pressure/influence? Lucy was perfectly fine until she began to get involved in all these Facebook likes and all those other things. At first, her social media account made her think less of herself, which then pushed her to become someone she wasn’t.

    Her parents perspective:
    Hmm, I don’t understand why this my daughter is now into all this makeups and useless selfies. at first, she was just a regular, well behaved child but now all she does is text, paint ha face, and go to useless parties. I think it is one of ha friends that is spoiling her. sweetheart, what if it is that obolo girl Kathy or Katrine or whatever ha name is. She is the one that is always with Lucy right? Hunny, I don’t even know because I know that girls parents, she was not raised that way. Did you even know that my friend Araba, her sons friend in school saw Lucy’s facebook page? What? She has a facebook now? Yes ooo, the page has like about 6,000 friends. I don’t even have 6,000 friends so where did Lucie get those people from? Or do you think she needs therapy or spiritual healing? My love let us just take her back to Nigeria. She will forget about all this Facebook crap and remember the way she was raised. I totally agree!

  6. My perspective:
    He always mentions the fact that I take my time replying to his messages. He boasts the fact that his message has been delivered, therefore it’s impossible to not reply within the moment.I feel as though my cousin should stop focusing on how fast he receives my response towards his message. I experience the same feelings as he does, additionally everyone experiences it. Recently, I’ve been considerate enough to reply to him asap.
    Cousin’s perspective:
    Why is he always taking his time responding to me. Am I not worthy enough to get a reply back! I need to explain to this guy how the hell he’s willing to take his time. I’m not just anyone. I’m his best cousin! Recently, he’s been improving.

  7. My original, A narrator’s perspective:
    It is no longer a weird experience to enter a noisy subway with muted people. Entering a worn out atmosphere has never been more normal for when you are in time to take the F Train at 7am in the morning for your 8am class. It is even rare to find someone energetic in the morning. Coffee breathe has simply become a recognizable breathe smell during morning commute. Why would anyone have a strong coffee breathe? Simple. People cannot cope to stay awake due to either their lack of sleep or they are simply not blooming early birds, though no one. Who could be? Unless there is a perfect sleeping schedule and balance involved then by no means, they are a true early bird. But for those that have caused their own pain, there can be some few possible components: insomnia, health issues, or putting up all-nighters working on an assignment or talking to someone online. People have been there at some point, not putting off enough time to get a good night rest because of using online media non-stop to entertain themselves. I believe that once you rely all of your attention to using a device for leisure, it is difficult to let go. The use of social media has changed the way people view themselves and how they interact with one another. People have changed their ways of thinking through the use of social media and it has changed the way they socialize with others.

    A grumpy old man on the train observing a millennial:
    Looking at her not knowing what to do during her daily commute. All miserable looking up to see what street the F train has landed on every time it makes a stop. Does she not know how to calculate her time already and know how long it takes for the F train to stop at 14th st? No. I guess it got out of her head since she thinks that being on her phone for the entire commute ride kills enough time for her train to reach her stop. I think that’s pretty bad if I say so myself. To know and be conscious that being on your phone kills more time than imagined (but in this case it really didn’t). C’mon that’s miserable. Go read a book, take off your earphones. Do something. But be conscious. I don’t think you’d like to miss your stop, if you do end up wasting more time than planned.

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