2.1 Writing as “Recording”: Observing People Interact

For this assignment, you’re invited to think of writing as a form of recording‚ÄĒsort of like a substitute video camera for¬†capturing¬†the real world as you see it, hear it, smell it, etc.

Over the weekend, I want you to go sit in a public place‚ÄĒthe cafeteria, the Atrium, a park, a busy street‚ÄĒand I want you to¬†watch people. ¬†Specifically, I want you to watch how people¬†interact with each other and the space they’re in. ¬†What’s the space look like? ¬†How crowded is it? How fast do¬†people¬†move? ¬†Do they sit, stand, crouch, walk, talk, stare? ¬†How much do they interact with each other? ¬†How do they interact with the built environment (sidewalks, curbs, doors, benches, etc.)? ¬†What’s the weirdest thing you notice people doing? ¬†What’s the most common thing you notice?

Take close notes and post them here by next Monday night.

1.2 | Joining OpenLab (Instructions) & Blog Post 1: Your Phone as a “Self-Portrait”

For our first blog post, I’d like you to write a bit in response to the prompt below and post your response as a “comment” on this thread. ¬†To do so, you’ll have to setup your City Tech e-mail and set up an OpenLab account here.¬†You’ll then have to join the course here¬†by clicking “Request Membership” on the left hand side.

The Writing Prompt (responses due by 10pm Wednesday):¬†How is your phone a kind of self-portrait? In what ways does your phone represent your sense of self‚ÄĒthat is, who you are and what you like to do? Explain.