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Thoughts on the Final Deck

A couple of thoughts I had about how it should be constructed.

The Final Deck should tell the story of the creation of the app from start to finish.

Start off with talking about the concept presented to you by the client. Go into your initial research and how it informed the decisions you made. Then walk through the process of how you developed the product.

You want to focus on how the research especially the interaction with your users influenced the product’s development.

You also want to focus on the iterative nature of the design process, the number of variations and how each changed based on your experimentation and your interaction with the user. 

Final DECK Samples

Samples from previous classes for the final deck.

Remember that nothing is perfect. No matter how good something is it can be better, it can always be improved. The following final decks were all good but I have included some notes on how they could have been improved.

Good Design and concepts but weak on explanation and demonstration of the iterative nature of UX Design.

Good Design and demonstration of the iterative process of UX Design but could have used additional explanation of the process.

Generally Good overall

Final Presentation Suggestions

Suggested Order

  1. Introduce the App
  2. What is the purpose of the App? What was the clients original goal?
  3. Demonstrate your Research
    1. About in Industry and the Competitors
  4. Mention what you learned about your users
    1. Who they are? (the persona), what they do? (the scenario), How they do it? (the journey map)
  5. Show the Visual Development of the Product
    1. Mood board
    2. Style tile
    3. Screen Flows/Site Maps
    4. Mockups
  6. Explain how your product improves the user’s experience.
  7. Explain how you designed and tested and refined your product.
  8. Demo Prototype

Remember, at every stage of your presentation you should address how you recognized and solved the problems of your users.

Rubric for the final presentation

Art Direction 5
Demonstration of Research 10
Application of Research 5
Look of App 5
Delivery/Audience Engagement 5
Total: 30

Final Presentations — The Order

The first presentation starts at 6:20PM.
Each presenter will be allotted a maximum of 20 minutes.
If you are not present for your slotted time points will be deducted.

Presentation Day 1 — Dec. 12

  1. Villegas,Natalya M
  2. Smith,Malik E
  3. Rojas,Paola
  4. Rodriguez,Giselle B
  5. Probherbs,Trevor
  6. Panzo,Laura
  7. Omrani,Yasamansadat
  8. Nunez,Erika C
  9. Murillo,Luis

Presentation Day 2 — Dec. 19

  1. Lu,Yanlin
  2. Mashuryan,Irina
  3. Koo,Hyerin
  4. Jones,Brandon A
  5. Jew,Kelsi D
  6. Garcia,Joanna
  7. Chan,Kwaniie
  8. Browne,Arnfernne
  9. Basse,Mohamed