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Post your research topic ideas here by Sat. March 2. If you are working with others on the project, be sure to include the names of the others you are working with.

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  1. Group Members:
    Md Al Amin Bhuiyan
    Qilun Chen
    Shuiy Wu

    Research Paper Topics: Forest Ecosystem
    We are going to talk about forest ecosystem. Forests are widely acknowledged as being principle ecosystem service providers. Some national classifications consider up to 100 different forest services, including food, timber and fuel production; water conservation and regulation; nutrient retention; carbon sequestration; biodiversity protection; climate regulation; ecotourism; and spiritual and traditional values. There are several drivers of change that threaten worldwide forest system sustainability. Among them, we will highlight the expansion of farming land and urbanization areas, as well as the adverse effects of climate change.

    1. Md, Qilun and Shuyi,

      Your topic idea seems very clealry thought through. This should be quite interesting and informative. Please remember to also post this on Blackboard.

  2. The project idea I am considering is green and sustainable farming for organic produce as a strategy for conserving the environment.

    1. Kapeel,
      Okay, this is a good staring idea. To give this a little more focus, one suggestion would be to focus on the kinds of practices that would be sustainable. Would it be defined mainly as growing organic produce? Are there other practices, such as the business model, not using harmful pesticides that also define what is sustainable? Are there examples of places that might serve as models for what you will look at? Also, any information of the percentage of growing is done this way would be interesting.

  3. Monica Sanchez

    My research topic idea is to innovate global Nail Salons (Beauty industry) to become green (organic), by adopting this idea salons is not only committed to your natural beauty and well-being, organic salons care about offering products that are organic, safe to use and cruelty-free and never tasted on animals. Also, organic salons does not contribute to water pollution since is chemical-free. Organic salons offer safer working environment.

    1. Monica,
      This proposal is good. Are there salons that are using some of the practices you describe here? Are there some that could serve as a model for the industry in terms of their environmentally friendly products and practices? What would you consider the most important things that salons should change?

  4. The research topic that I am considering is global warming and the effect it has on our food supply. I would like to explore how global warming has affected farmers and their ability to meet supply and demand.

    1. Taisha,
      This should be an interesting issue to explore. The main suggestion here is to think about what geographic area you will concentrate your study on. In order to avoid generalizing, you may want to focus on a particular part of the world (region or country). Alternatively, you could look at how particular kinds of plants/food production have been affected.

  5. Group Members:
    Anna Woo
    Lesly Morales
    Research Paper Topics: Hospitality Management
    We will be talking about Hotels. Hotels on a daily basis are wasting a lot of resources and some hotels are changing their ways to be more environmental and economical. We will be finding more information on what a hotel is doing to some of equipment that is not used and how they will recycle the products. Or some changes they will be doing to stop being so wasteful and creating so much garbage.

    1. Anna and Lesly,

      Okay, so it sounds like your focus here is on the practices that hotels are adopting that support environmental conservation and that at the same time reduce costs. As you research this, you may want to also consider additional measures you believe are possible that maybe have not been adopted yet.

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