Community nursing is a combination of primary health care and nursing practice that involves prevention,curative and rehabilitation, It also involves the whole person.During my clinical experience at the Stein Center, iĀ  was surprise at how a community setting plays a very important role in the lives of seniors. It provides an avenue where they can be themselves, interract with their peers this gives them a feeling of being a contributing member of society.

During lunch at the Stein Center, I had a chance to meet some of the most interesting and remarkable individuals who were eager to share their wealth of experiences and that of their friends. I was particularly amused and somewhat surprised on how promiscuous some of them were. As clinican, we should take time out to educate seniors on practicing safe sex, and also discuss with them how important it is to adhere to these practices.

My clinical experience this past week i was assigned to monitor Blood Pressure. The response was overwhelming, most were eager to have their blood pressure checked. I was truly amazed by this, however i was mortified when mostĀ  were high readings.Ā  They would readily explain that they receive this all the time, they were on medication but would skip days because they hated them and thought they were not effective. The few that were compliant thought they were too expensive and worry that they would not be able to pay if the prices keep going up . I explained how important it is to adhere to the instructions of their primary care provider, if they were placed on a medication regimine it should be followed unlessĀ  adverse reaction were involved.

The greatest and most rewarding part of my clinical experience was when we visited the assimulation lab at the Bellevue Hospital. It made me realise that listening skills were the most important when dealing with a patient, and that every area of concern should be readily addressed. Teaching should also be done when nessesary, as clinicians we tend to focus on only chief complaints and notĀ  other underlying issues. This experience was such a wonderful one for me that, i think everyone should be given this opportunity. Feedback from the professors were also awesome.

I value community health nursing for its adaptabilty and willingness to provide care inĀ  most settings including community centers, which develop and implement corporate wellness programs.




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