Thursday 1 May class


• Solving the basic trig equations: \tan(x) = c\cos(x) = c\sin(x) = c.

The methods are developed in these examples:

Example 20.1 for \tan(x) = c

Example 20.4 for \cos(x) = c

Example 20.7 for \sin(x) = c

Examples 20.3, 20.6, and 20.9 use the developed methods to solve other basic trig equations.


See the useful Summary just before Example 20.10 on p. 275


• Solving other types of trig equations by reducing them to one or more basic equations. (Examples 20.10 and 20.11)


• Solving other trig equations by reducing them to one or more basic equations.



• Study the examples which were used to develop the methods for solving the basic trig equations. Make sure that you understand the reasoning behind them.

• Review the other examples discussed in class.

• Do the assigned problems from Session 20.

• Make sure you do the WeBWorK (assigned last time).

• No Warm-Up this time.

• Spend a few minutes every day reviewing the basics of trigonometry, and reviewing the properties of logarithms. I have posted a very short WeBWorK assignment “LogReview1”  to help in this review. It is optional and will count as extra credit in your WeBWorK score. I will post other short review assignments throughout the rest of the semester.

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