Today’s post will be a bit late – in the meantime…

I’m working on today’s post. Since I expanded the discussion of most of the examples today, I’m trying to type up notes of that expansion for you. So I hope you will be patient while I do that!


In the meantime…

•Homework from the course outline:
The assigned parts of Exercises 2.7, 2.8

In Session 3: the assigned exercises up to Exercise 3.6

• Do the WeBWorK assignment: it is due Wednesday evening 11 PM, so start early!

• Make sure to join our course in Piazza. If you responded to the first Warm-Up (Exercise 1.1) you should have received an invitation to join. Otherwise, follow the link on the “Resources” page. Also make sure to join the TTh group in that course. It is vital that you join: the Warm-Ups will mostly be in Piazza from now on! Also, you can use Piazza to discuss any questions you have about homework problems. I have already posted a question there for you to contribute to the answer, to get practice using Piazza. Homework points are given to students who contribute to the answers!

The Warm-Up is here. Due by 11 PM Wednesday! (Please also note that this is not on Piazza, but from now on we will be using Piazza for the Warm-Ups, as indicated above.)

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  2. Training camp location: The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

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