Monday 13 November class


• Review of finding x- and y-intercepts for various kinds of functions (the basic principle being the same)

To find the x-intercepts (which are the roots of the function) you set the function = 0 (namely, y=0).

To find the y-intercept, you set x=0.

This comes merely from looking at the graph. The x-intercepts are the points on the graph where y is 0, and the y-intercept is the point where x=0.

• Using the properties of logarithms to expand and to simplify logarithmic expressions.

Here are Paul’s Online Notes on properties of logarithms, which I referred to in class.

Here is a better version of the list of properties of logarithms:




• Review the examples we did in class. Always have the list of properties of logarithms in front of you when you work on these types of problems and make sure you see how the properties are being used! (It is very easy to invent fake properties that are actually false. We have already seen how this can happen.) See the Paul’s notes linked above, and also Examples 14.2 and 14.3 in the textbook.

• Do the following problems from the textbook: Exercises 14.1(a-e) and 14.2(a-f). I may request that certain problems from these be put on the board next time or on Monday next week, or I may post some to Piazza for your solutions.

• Finish the WeBWorK

• Don’t forget that Test 3 is scheduled for Wednesday. The review materials and links are on this separate post.


Don’t forget, if you get stuck on a problem, you can post a question on Piazza. Make sure to give your question a good subject line and tell us the problem itself – we need this information in order to answer your question. And please only put one problem per posted question!

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