Blade Runner

This film begins when the main protagonist Rick is getting Chinese food and Gaff an officer asks him to go with him. Rick begins to speak to his former boss and even though he has no interest in working for him, he has to help capture 4 replicants (human like droids) whom had escape and whom are running around the city killing and creating chaos. These replicants are a model Nexus- 6 generation, and only have about a 4 year life span. As Rick agrees to take the job he goes out to meet Tyrell the master creator of these replicants. There he meets Rachel, a beautiful woman who he suspects to be a replicant even though she passes the replicant test. Rick ends up killing the replicants one by one, until he is left to face Roy Baddy the leader of the group of replicants. Roy finds Pris body on the floor and react emotionally just like any human being would, which raises question on how human like can replicants be. Roy, losing his partner and his friends is fill with anger and seeks to take revenge on Rick. At the end even though Roy has many chances of killing Rick, he only wanted Rick to know what it feels like to live in fear. Roy dies as his time is up, and Rick hurries to find Rachel, as he finds her he sees one of Gaff’s paper origami and the movie ends.

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